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IT & InnovationYondr: How can I use my tech skills and experience to work in the VR industry?

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Niels Waem
Posted byNiels Waem

Marketing and Event Producer at Yondr, also a Eurostaff Expert giving us his thoughts about immersive technology! 


Founded in 2014, Yondr is a leading virtual reality studio. It prides itself on creating beautiful, high-end, 360° video content and innovative virtual reality experiences, contributing to the success of the VR industry as a whole. Yondr is honored to have Nike, Honda and Barco among its clients; creating a global eco-system of VR professionals to serve their clients worldwide, sharing tips and tricks with each other to scale on marketing and R&D through an internal platform called the “Yondr Academy”.

We managed to have a quick chat with our Eurostaff Expert and Marketing & Events Producer at Yondr Niels Waem, who lets us in on how a professional working in software development aspiring to work in VR can achieve it!

What job roles and experience did you need and gain along the way to get to where you are now?

Job roles you need the most when looking to work in VR:

  • Business Developer: the creator of long-term value for an organization from customers, markets and relations.
  • Producer: the spokesperson between the client and production team. When the business developer turns a lead into a deal the producer will discuss together with the clients the do’s and don’ts of the project in detail.
  • Creative Director: When the needs and details of the project are all set the creative director unleashes its creative spirit to come up with a brilliant concept which also leads to ROI. The lead to ROI will also encourage other companies do to VR. The fact is you have to be creative with the concept and creative with the business goals of the clients you are working for.

Since we are a cinematic VR studio, we need a lot of video production knowledge and a lot  of creativity. We started Yondr when Facebook bought Oculus, this was a tipping point to start a video production company in the VR sector. At the start people were clueless and there were no specific auto-stitching software to do parts of the job. There were no guidelines about storytelling, production, stitching,… We overcame many hurdles and obstacles and still every project we learn more and more.  At Yondr we’re also doing lots of research and development which leads us to be more efficient and better results.

What advice can you give to those wanting to have a very successful career in tech?

  1. TIMING: If you have a great idea in tech you’ll have to wait your turn. Timing means everything. This was the same when we started out. VR was already a big thing in the sixties but it turned out to be a gimmick. However, when Facebook bought Oculus that was the time you’d know VR would break through. Especially when Google, Samsung, HTC, GoPro and many other jumped on the VR-train.
  2. FAIL FORWARD: Failure isn’t fatal; in fact, it is actually REQUIRED for innovation success—as long as you don’t freak out, make catastrophic mistakes or fail to learn from it. You need to accept the fact that you are going to fail if you are going to do your best work, and you need to make sure that everyone on your team understands it, as well.
  3. JOIN YONDR: VR agencies will pop out the ground like mushrooms nowadays. We’ll see the same trend as we saw with web agencies. Now everybody wants to do VR. Why start from scratch if you could get kickstarted and could scale on marketing, R&D have a portfolio, website all backing your work…. VR is here to stay, but in order to be a successful medium, VR  will need quality content, and a lot of it.  Yondr plans to invest heavily in bringing much needed high-quality experiences to this billion-dollar industry. Additionally, it hopes to kickstart new companies’ successes by helping them navigate early struggles in the industry that Yondr itself had dealt with when it was starting out. 

Anything extra you would like to let us know?

For the past two years, Yondr has been developing a 'Handbook of Best Practices for Virtual Reality', with lessons learned and problems solved. Thanks to its fresh cash injection, Yondr will now be able to scale their existing knowledge hub into an innovative R&D, training and support center. The Yondr Academy will follow and report on trends and technological evolutions in the fast-paced VR market.

Taking things even further, Yondr plans to colonize the VR space by setting up strategic hubs all around the world. From these hubs, Yondr will accrue license holders and offer them support in all areas of their business, from training and support to branding and marketing. “Our ambition is to create a cross-fertilizing, worldwide network of VR agencies operating in a unified way, and producing content to the highest standards in Virtual Reality,” says Pieter Van Leugenhagen, Growth Director at Yondr.

Are you a developer/producer/programmer looking for a role working at Yondr or a similar company, or simply wanting to take your skills somewhere new? Email us today:

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