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IT & InnovationWill Google Take The Lead in Virtual Reality?

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Johan Hägerström
Posted byJohan Hägerström

Johan Hägerström is the founder of and a founding member of our Eurostaff Expert community.

Google don’t just want to be part of the future of Virtual Reality, they intend to lead it by completely redefining VR gaming. The tech giant are constantly looking for new investment opportunities by launching the Daydream.

The Daydream is a mobile-based VR headset intended to offer a more immersive experience than its predecessor, the Google Cardboard. 

In order for Google’s Daydream to outperform the Cardboard and innovate VR, the portfolio of games and exciting VR experiences needs to be expanded upon and appeal to as broad an audience as possible. 

The Daydream already has a wide variety of brands preparing to take their experiences into VR. The website boasts big names such as LEGO, Wall Street Journal and Fantastic Beats & Where to Find Them are all offering their own unique content for fans to immerse themselves in.

Jamil Moledina, Games Strategic Leader at Google Play, changed the scene recently at the Games Beat 2016 in California, outlining to audiences what Google’s Daydream is hoping to achieve for the gaming industry:

 “It is not looking to take existing games and throw them into VR." 

Google wants to evolve the VR industry

Jamil compared the current early days of the VR industry to the way films were developed in the early 20th century. Back then they were mostly short one minute experiences and it wasn’t until the mid-1900s that the films became more sophisticated with special effects, editing and different camera angles. Citizen Kane (1941) is a typical example of something that redefined the then nascent new media.

In his talk Jamil Moledina compared the ideals of the Daydream to that of the 1941 classic:

"Just like Citizen Kane, we aim to expand our daydream-range of games that exceed what has been done before" 

Google wants to achieve for VR, what Citizen Kane did for film, creating new types of games that can attract many is an important part of Google's strategy, helping bring VR into the mainstream. Jamil wants to make the process of using a Daydream Headset as easy as possible. 

To make the implementation easier, each Daydream Headset ships with a wireless motion controller, so the only thing people need is an Android phone, which many fans already own.

Game Developers have already caught on to VR trend

A number of developers have already registered to support Google new VR initiatives, including Epic Games, Ubisoft, Electronic Arts (with the new Need for Speed ​​title), and CCP Games (working on a new version of the VR hit, Gunjack).

So far, Google has sent out more than 5 million units of Google cardboard for under £100 since the product began shipping in 2014. The success of Google ensures that Daydream has the backing it needs to succeed.

VR is swiftly moving from a potential gimmick into the mainstream and the industry is quickly becoming competitive. With hardware supplied by Oculus and more recently PlayStation, companies are quickly discovering what can be achieved through this new immersive technology.

Google’s new VR platform could be the innovation the industry needs to finally bring it into homes across the world, but could Google turn their latest Daydream into a reality? 

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