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Dries Vint
Posted byDries Vint

Dries Vint is a Lead Developer at Beatswitch, a founding member of the Eurostaff Experts community.

Dries Vints is the Lead Developer at BeatSwitch; the world’s leading music event and festival management software to ensure massive success. Extensive measures using different technologies are taken to ensure that every event is managed successfully, therefore Test-Driven Development is fundamental: BeatSwitch are always looking for innovation and opportunities to revolutionize the festival industry, minimising any risks that could be taken prior the event taking place…

1. What does Test-Driven Development involve?

Test-Driven Development (TDD) requires you to write a failing test before actually implementing code. It forces you to think about the behaviour of the feature you’re trying to implement. It helps you to create a safe environment to work in because your app will be fully tested and therefore less error-prone when modifying code. 

2. How has Test-Driven Development evolved over time?

Test-Driven Development has been around for quite some time but it was Kent Beck who made the technique popular by releasing his book “Test-Driven Development by Example”. Over the past few years TDD has become increasingly popular and raised some interesting debates between programmers. Still, TDD remains a proven solution to make you more productive as you code.

3. When it comes to events, how can BeatSwitch Management Software help?

BeatSwitch helps your festival with artist management, accreditation and much more. It provides a unique way for you to keep track of artists and what they need in order to perform at your event. Besides that we also offer the ability to handle everything about backstage accreditation for press, guests, crew and more.

4. What has been the most exciting festival that BeatSwitch has helped manage this year?

Lollapalooza Berlin was one of the biggest events which made use of BeatSwitch this year and is the first European outpost of one of the USA's biggest music festivals. The rock, pop, indie and electronic carnival arrived in Germany in September 2015 with a massive reputation and an incredible history. It is one of the first live music festivals that was planned with BeatSwitch.

5. What do you think the future holds for BeatSwitch and test development?

In the future we’ll continue to try to improve our product so festivals can take even more advantage of our platform in order to host their events. We have some exciting things on our roadmap which we’ll hope to share with you soon.

As for TDD, it’s here to stay! There’s no denying the advantage of it and the peace of mind that comes with it. In the near future I hope to see even better tools which can help developers to write tests more easily and lower the barrier for beginners. We’ll see what the future holds…

Dries presented at our Eurostaff Connect on Wednesday, 5 October at MeetDistrict in Gent; "Looking at case studies of how TDD could have helped businesses deliver higher quality software." Join our Meetup here


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