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IT & InnovationTrendiest Tech Movements for 2017 So Far

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Hannah Jarvis, Giovanni Thiery, Nikita Vervelde, Jeremy Daubresse & Leah Matkin
Posted byHannah Jarvis, Giovanni Thiery, Nikita Vervelde, Jeremy Daubresse & Leah Matkin

Our IT & Innovation Specialists provide insight and opinion which is first-hand as they liaise with thought leaders working within the industry everyday.


2017 continues to be a year of advancement in technology with change in the employment landscape. Who wouldn’t want to specialise in an industry that is booming, innovative and most importantly exciting?

“IT and business are becoming inextricably interwoven. I don’t think anybody can talk meaningfully about one without talking about the other”  Bill Gates

The prevalence of technology start-ups has become increasingly widespread across Europe. The strong surge in investment is an indicator into consumer behaviour and expectations. Sweden became the start-up capital of Europe; the land of unicorns, Finland hosts its SLUSH conferences  ( to over 17,500 attendees, Britain’s start-up community is thriving with over 53,000 new companies registered May 2016 ( However, with such a saturated market there is a war for talent and this is why professionals need to be actively pursuing the best opportunities possible to leverage career and ambition. 

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality booms

Augmented Reality is set to get even bigger than last year, with the launch of Pokemon Go having such a successful take off (even bigger than expected) and SnapChat the Los Angeles social messaging app was expected to generate nearly $400 million in ad revenue in 2016 alone! ( Apps like these have demonstrated to be the rocket fuel for AR in 2017.

IT & Innovation Specialist Hannah Jarvis focuses on our Swedish tech market within the gaming market; "We have many clients in Sweden specialising in AR/VR/MR, setting their sights high on releasing the next big thing. Every few months Eurostaff host VR/AR MeetUps in Stockholm to ensure we understand how quickly the market is moving and more importantly understand our clients expectations into how they see their businesses growing. Virtual Reality started to really find its feet last year, as an increase in VR games and new headsets  were launched causing much excitement. The advances in 2016 was the first indicator that VR/AR could really be accessible and enjoyed by the mainstream market and the sheer versatily of it started to be recognised across a variety of different industries. Another important element to its success is  the VR setup becoming far less bulky. Size of gadget became a priority and tech companies specialising in VR quickly caught on to their audiences wanting a slick and comfortable purchase.“

DevOps movement matures and grow

As DevOps becomes increasingly established within business, showcasing the financial benefits it can provide, it has become much less of a buzz word and more of an essential work practice. The cultural resistance that once was apparent has subsided, meaning that more successful projects are being produced demonstrating the success of the collaboration.

Giovanni Thiery is our DevOps Specialist for Switzerland; "DevOps is all about improving IT performance through communication and streamlined processes. To have a successful devOps team is all about having the right specialists that fit your business environment, the right skills and mind-set is crucial."

Fintech continues to reshape the financial industry

Every industry needs cash to start-up or to create a new idea, FinTech as a system is made up of computer programs and other technology that is used to support or enable banking and financial services to support the emergence of new business looking objectively at decisions that are being made. It acts as an innovative solution in how companies can make and receive payments and manage finances.

Nikita Vervelde‚Äč, IT & Innovation Specialist for Sweden: "Nearly every industry relies heavily on its finance team, therefore FinTech isn’t just solely used in financial industries. Technology businesses especially need to keep their eyes on the profit and loss accounts to ensure that the industry keeps ahead of the game. A first-rate finance team is crucial, the company will fail if expenses continue to exceed income and this is continually addressed, these professionals always have in mind where the business is heading and goals that need to be achieved. Companies that embrace the merging FinTech market are likely to stay ahead of the competition in the coming years."

Microsoft transition to Cloud

Microsoft’s eyes are on cloud services, with mobile and cloud computing now priority over PCs; digital businesses are the way forward. Microsoft’s biggest ever deal took place last year in June when they acquired LinkedIn stepping into the social networking for enterprises space. CEO Satya Nadella spoke about the syncing between Office 365 and the social network, empowering a highly connected professional world. Keep an eye on LinkedIn over the next few months.

Jeremy Daubresse, specialises in Microsoft Specialist in France "Cloud infrastructure is about adding value to the business. Microsoft Azure is an open, flexible, enterprise-grade cloud computing platform in a highly protected system. A ‘pay as you go format’, the business only pays for what it uses.  The demand for Microsoft Azure has seen a significant growth in IT job role and we expect this upward trend to continue through 2017."

Data in abundance, Data Science and Business Intelligence

The data market has increased in revenue year on year since 2009 as businesses realise that consumer insight ultimately changes the way companies operate. Business Intelligence Software such as SAS, SAP, Sharepoint etc. allows professionals to harness the data and create actionable insights from it based on their business strategy. This creates a competitive advantage that makes crucial differences in relation to rivals.

Leah Matkin, Business Development Director and Head of Analytics; "Data lies at the heart of Business Intelligence. Every business needs to address customer information,  analysing the statistical and mathematical clusters, segments, scores to predict what could happen next and develop forward thinking marketing strategies based on their findings. As a result, organisations should look ahead to make sure they have the right team in place to achieve this."

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