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IT & InnovationThe Swiss BIM Congress 2017

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Martin Ivanov
Posted byMartin Ivanov

Building Information Modelling has become increasingly important across Europe. Martin, specialises in placing specialists into different BIM related roles in Switzerland. 

Connect with him today:

Our BIM Specialist Martin Ivanov attended The Swiss BIM Congress 2017 in Zurich, Switzerland on 26-27 October. The two-day BIM specific event was organised to answer questions about the current challenges, show the success factors of the market leaders and set new incentives to ensure that digitalised modelling techniques continue to be implemented to a high standard across the country.

Martin went along to network and learn more about BIM and assess how the recruitment sector is now affected by the demand for different types of BIM related roles required; correlating to a surge on different skills and types of BIM professionals joining construction businesses daily.

Hear what Martin found out from his two days at the event:

'BIM is becoming increasingly important amidst the construction sector in Switzerland. The Swiss Congress 2017 was a great event highlighting key information to be aware of. Unlike the UK, the government in Switzerland is not supporting or pushing for BIM at present, it is the business leaders themselves ensuring BIM is implemented. However, what has been noticeable is that there are many different interpretations of BIM and what it should stand for, with many diverse technologies being used to carry out BIM.

At present, professionals from different countries are relocating to Switzerland and using their acquired BIM knowledge, bringing with them their own vision of how the BIM model should look. Universities and schools across Switzerland are now pushing and seeing the need for more digitalised process courses with degrees and masters being obtained, naturally this does reflect a higher salary for those who have the power of knowledge behind them in this technology that Switzerland still have not yet grasped fully.

My view is that those learning about BIM need to go out in to the workplace and be positioned on projects where they can apply knowledge on the job to build up confidence and experience. It is essential that now more than ever before Switzerland try and create a streamlined process on what the Swiss BIM model should look like, with each construction business sticking to set guidelines.'

If you are looking for a BIM specific role in Switzerland or hiring, get in touch with Martin here.

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