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FinanceThe importance of a modern ERP system in growing businesses

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William Brewer
Posted byWilliam Brewer

William manages the finance market for Switzerland and The Netherlands. William's team is ideally placed to find your next role in Finance or help you secure professionals with the experience and expertise to add true value to your business.

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William Brewer our head of Finance recruitment gives us his thoughts on the rising importance of ERP systems and how professionals increasingly need experience of using them in their daily work lives.

“Survival of the fittest" springs to mind when you think about businesses.The successful companies realise that in order to keep ahead they need to be continually keeping their customers/clients loyal to their service or product; a cumulative effect which brings in new business.

With a successful, growing business, Enterprise Resource Planning is essential – especially within Finance departments which touch almost every area of a company. There are many ERP software programmes that can be embedded within a Finance Team but what is vital is that it meets corporate requirements as well as individual department ones. The system that is chosen needs to add value across the business and management plays a key role in any decision to implement.

An ERP system can be one of the most crucial and transformative investments a company makes. By integrating accounting with other areas of the business such as sales, manufacturing, human resources, and other functions, an ERP system can significantly improve a company’s efficiency and productivity; in turn, fuelling its growth to the next level.

If a business is going to invest in ERP software for its finance team the key decision makers need to ensure that it enables fast and relatively easy merging of financial data and key information. Along with this, hiring personnel with experience in ERP roll-outs, updates, or “super user” status can become a huge asset in the smooth transition. Having an ERP system is one thing, but actually having a team managing it successfully, with each member fully invested in its processes and project plan, is another. This involves employees from different functions of the business coming together as the ERP project team, to maximise its capability.

Over the past 10 years, the software has become increasingly powerful, versatile and in turn, integral.  Offered by an ever-changing landscape of providers such as Sage, JD Edwards or SAP - there are currently  more than 120 ERP vendors. With companies ambitious to grow, they can realize that they don’t have a handle on what’s actually going on within the organization in terms of inventory management and real-time visibility of the financials. The quicker they embrace the investment of a suitable ERP system, the better the chance of staying ahead of their competitors.  One of the biggest recent trends in ERP has been the rapid emergence of true Cloud-based systems. There has been a lot of hype around cloud solutions, and the adoption rate is certainly on the rise. Those companies and individuals who have embraced these technologies are likely to stay ahead of their peers when it comes to adding value to their departments and businesses as a whole.

If you are working in finance, have experience working with ERP systems such as those mentioned above and looking for a new role in finance and accountancy across Europe, get in contact by sending your CV today: Alternatively, if you are looking to hire somebody with ERP system experience for your team then let us contact our network to find the best solution for you.

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