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IT & InnovationThe hiring challenges faced by start-ups in the world of technology

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In a competitive market place with some of the most well-known brand names promising the world to developers, data scientists and software engineers, how do technology companies stand out? Especially start-ups with modest budgets to play with.

The experience for new hires needs to stand out, no amount of marketing or platitudes cuts through the noise like the actual experience of finding a company and going on the journey from application to hire.

The team at Senseon Tech are attempting to change the hiring landscape once and for all. Positioned as the first of its kind, the industry leading Omniscient Intelligence Platform for cyber defence who use pioneering AI and machine learning, Senseon provides all threat detection and actionable cyber intelligence in real time.

A start-up culture can lead people to assume that a business launching in 2017 will not have the financial backing compared to those firmly established businesses already out there. However, trust and authenticity are the key words that those joining Senseon will understand very quickly.  Trust in the brand, trust in its direction and trust in its people. ‘Breaking’ the traditional experience is key for anyone looking to hire in a candidate-driven market and Senseon seem to have a head-start on their competitors whether start-ups or established.

Since 2017 Senseon has: been awarded the accolade of being one of the Top Three Cyber Start-ups in the UK; have been chosen to represent the UK on a US cyber tech trade mission in February 2018 and were awarded product partner status with the Mayor of London, Metropolitan Police and City of London Police via the LDSC. Their mission is to help protect London’s businesses against cyber criminals and Senseon are at the forefront of the revolution in security in London and beyond.

‘’Senseon is one of the most exciting start ups I’ve seen lately. Dave, Will and the team have incredible insight, motivation and experience. Their product is very timely and the market appears to be huge’’

Jules Pancholi, Founding Board Member and stakeholder at Skyscanner

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