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IT & InnovationThe Biotech Sector in Medicon Valley...

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Tom Hemming
Posted byTom Hemming

Tom works throughout Scandinavia, partnering with embedded software specialists in the AI/Tech/BioTech sector

Paulo César Gomes

CAD & Revit Designer of MEP Systems

Tom is not only an excellent recruit and professional, but he is also a great person. He is very accessible, trustworthy and committed to his clients. He never forgets any details, always fulfilling what he promises. I recommend Tom to all the professionals who are looking for a successful career. I'm very satisfied with his work, and how he helped me to boost my career.

Get in touch with him on LinkedIn:

Our Embedded/Electrical Software Specialist Tom Hemming gives us some in-depth insight into the biotech industry in Scandinavia with reasons why Sweden is seen to be one of Europe's Top 5 Biotech Hotspots and how having a career in this vibrant industry presents many opportunities for employment and career progression…

What is involved in the biotech sector?

The Biotech sector involves a wide range of industries from; medical devices, pharmaceutical, robotics and IOT. Biotechnology is the use of biological processes, organisms, or systems to manufacture – there is a strong backing from Euro governments which ensures sustained growth in this market for those looking to have a highly successful career!

Why is Sweden seen to be one of Europe's Top 5 Biotech Hotspots?

Sweden has 42,000 technology companies, Stokholm alone has 22,000 tech companies (which includes biotech) and employs 197,000 people ( This means 18% of people in Stockholm are involved in the Tech Sector which is the highest in Europe; with only 2% of the population Sweden has 15% of the European investment. There are very high number of innovative start-ups which contributes to Stockholm being a technology hub!

What is the Medicon Valley?

The Medicon Valley is the Scandinavian equivalent of silicon valley. There is an area that covers the Øresund Region of eastern Denmark and southern Sweden. The cross-border region of Medicon Valley has a population of approximately 3.5 million inhabitants. In 2008, 60% of Scandinavian pharmaceutical companies were located in the region. The area includes 12 universities, 32 hospitals, and more than 300 life science companies. 20 are large pharmaceutical or medical technology firms and 170 are dedicated biotechnology firms.

Which job roles do medical industries require for biotech sector?

There’re are a huge range of jobs in the medical biotech industry. These range from:

  •      Research scientists
  •      Computer Science Experts
  •      Hardware Developers
  •      Firmware Developers 
  •      Embedded Software Engineers
  •      Quality Managers
  •      Regulatory Affairs….. The list goes on. 

With technological advancements being made on an almost daily basis the roles are always changing and adapting.

What does the future hold for the Biotech Sector in Scandinavia?

The future is very bright in the biotech sector in Scandinavia. There is sustained funding from the governments in the region, they have renowned universities that are bringing in the best academics from across the globe and are working on non controversial projects which means that there isn’t the opposition that there are in other areas.There are huge advances being made partly due to the increased computing power that is creating the opportunity to develop practices such as deep learning. This in turn is pushing the development of self driving cars, projects like Google Mind and other types of AI.

With the amount of people that are relying on technology (highlighted by IOT) and the amount of money in the sector the next decade looks very exciting for everyone involved…

Want to work in the biotech sector or looking for a career move/profession? Contact Tom Hemming via email or connect on LinkedIn today! 

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