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IT & InnovationSoftware Development Q&A: Pooja Goyal

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Pooja Goyal
Posted byPooja Goyal

What was your career journey like? Which software development roles featured along your career path?

I have been working as a Full Stack Developer for more than 6 years in different roles at different organisations. My areas of expertise include Java and Python.

How important is it in software development to know multiple coding languages?

The technology market is volatile and depends on innovation. Exploring multiple tools and programming languages is important as it could help create a variety of careet opportunities.

In your experience, which processes work best?

My preferred process is Agile as it allows more organisation while giving introspection time to reiterate the methodology of the project.

How did you learn to code?

My introduction into software development was as a self-taught developer and throughout my career I have continued to build my knowledge with a variety of coding languages.

How have you seen software development as an industry grow alongside your career?

As we become more technologically dependent with each passing day, the software development industry continues to open numerous opportunities for developers. It gives us the chance to understand how technology affects business and how both can grow together.

What attracted you to a career in software development?

I wanted to be able to control, understand and influence the programming languages on the systems which affect us on daily basis.

What’s the best advice you could offer someone looking to climb the ranks of software development and achieve your role?

Keep learning, keep changing, keep adapting, and be flexible.

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