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IT & InnovationSoftware Development Q&A: Pontus Pettersson

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Pontus Pettersson
Posted byPontus Pettersson

What was your career journey like? Which software development roles featured along your career path?

My career journey has been rather short. I co-founded SVRVIVE directly after university and became responsible for programming. Currently, I'm part of a small programming team and have often found myself working closely with the design department. 

How important is it in software development to know multiple coding languages?

Knowing a lot of coding languages is vital to your development as a programmer, but the most important thing is to know the language or languages used to create the software you're working with.

In my case, I could benefit from knowing more c++. Even though I don't need the language right now, it's being used in several other game engines and could allow me to work with different development tools in the future.

In your experience, which processes work best?

I think having a well thought out plan from the beginning is very important, but it is also important to avoid narrow mindedness and have an open mind for changes along the way. Working with Scrum is a good way to keep track on progress and tasks.

How did you learn to code?

My first contact with coding was at my first year in university with some object oriented coding, but it was the game development classes that really got me hooked. After that I started doing projects on my own and with friends, at this time I was learning to code with the help from the internet. However, it was after working at SVRVIVE for a while that I started to feel more confident in my coding, I consider this to be the time I learned the most. 

How have you seen software development as an industry grow alongside your career?

I've been contained within VR technology throughout my career and I've seen a lot of changes enhance VR and how we use the technology. Sound software, game engines and such have been affected to be able to provide tools for VR development.

What attracted you to a career in software development?

I've always liked to create things, something that's substantial and requires creativity, something other people can use. Developing games is really good in that way, I was able to create something that felt meaningful and that I was proud of.

What’s the best advice you could offer someone looking to climb the ranks of software development and achieve your role?

Find something that you're really interested in and start developing it, I started developing mobile applications but I wasn't really hooked. It wasn't until I started coding games that I was blown away by how fun it was and if the work is fun, it's easier to feel very passionate about it. 

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