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IT & InnovationSoftware Development Q&A: Anas Shekhamis

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Anas Shekhamis
Posted byAnas Shekhamis

What was your career journey like? Which software development roles featured along your career path?

I started as a web developer in a small group creating web applications and websites for individual customers. The group expanded and started building customized web applications for small to medium companies and organizations.

After moving to Turkey, I worked in multiple companies as a back-end and full-stack developer. The last company I worked for in Turkey, Kalesoft, had a contract with a company that is building a real estate platform, and I worked as information system designer leading a team of four.

After moving to Finland, I worked as a software designer and lead developer in an innovation academy under the Vaasa University of Applied Science. The responsibilities were leading and mentoring students, in addition to designing applications.

After that, I worked as a senior software developer and software architect at Pool Interactive designing and building SaaS and APIs mainly, in addition to customer-based solutions.

Currently, I am working in LeadDesk Oy, a cloud-run contact centre software provider, which is currently one of the fastest growing companies in Finland.

How important is it in software development to know multiple coding languages?

Despite many arguing that we work in an environment driven by specialisation, it is still mandatory for software engineers to know multiple languages. However, I am not insinuating that all these languages must be mastered, but being proficient in one or two is highly recommended.

The main reason for learning multiple programming languages is that it will expose the developer to different paradigms, and as a result, they will gain skills in approaching problems. Some programming languages become obsolete and outdated, so having multiple at your disposal is the best way to increase your employability.

In your experience, which processes work best?

Personally, I don’t believe there’s any silver bullet solution. Each project’s individual needs could be best suited by Agile or Waterfall methods, but the best answer I can give here is that it depends on the project.

How did you learn to code?

University provided me with an initial basic knowledge and opened my eyes to a few new things. However, most developers will probably say the same; we are self-taught and proud of it.

What attracted you to a career in software development?

The biggest attraction to this industry is the constant experimentation that goes on with every new and exciting project. Alongside this, there’s a wealth of possibility for everyone in the industry to build their career around.

What’s the best advice you could offer someone looking to climb the ranks of software development and achieve your role?

Keep on learning would be the best advice. Development is a key part of this role and as the industry continues to evolve, those working in the industry need to continue to do so as well.

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