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IT & InnovationSoftware Development Q&A: Allel Benbrahim

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Allel Benbrahim
Posted byAllel Benbrahim

What was your career journey like? Which software development roles featured along your career path?

After graduating with a degree in Software Engineering, I came to France to do an MA in Software Architecture and AI.

After my studies, I started working in various consultancies, however I didn’t like their way of doing things. I decided to take my work in-house and managed to secure software engineering roles in global companies, such as General Electric and Air France.

I am always doing my own mobile side-projects to ensure my skills are constantly evolving and my interest is always engaged. Currently, I have a few projects that I am working on with the overarching goal of creating and developing a product or service that could become the next Snapchat or WhatsApp.

How important is it in software development to know multiple coding languages?

It is vital to know multiple coding languages in this industry to ensure you can always adapt to the next job.

For example, iPhone’s iOS uses Object-ive C and now works with Swift. In this industry if you want to work on a variety of diverse projects, a proficiency in multiple coding languages can be essential.

In your experience, which processes work best?

The best work processes I have personally found to be most efficient are Agile processes. However, I’ve also had experience with Scrum and DevOps and have found this to also be helpful with certain projects.

How did you learn to code?

I originally learned to code due to a love of computer science. The ideas of making software that helps people in their jobs, or something they can enjoy in their free time has driven me through university, where I got my degree and MA.

What attracted you to a career in software development?

When I first began software development, iPhone and Android didn’t exist. Now approximately 70% of programs are combined with smartphones and mobile development has swiftly become a major part of software development.

Innovation like this is always possible and it’s exciting to wonder where the industry will go next. Alongside this, software development allows me to make great products that help thousands of people, which helps me give my contribution towards a brighter future.

What’s the best advice you could offer someone looking to climb the ranks of software development and achieve your role?

The best advice I can offer someone is to not just work hard, but to also ensure you find the time to work on personal projects that fascinate you. This is an industry where it pays to be curious and constantly push the limits of what’s possible. Every career path and experience is unique, so it’s a genuinely amazing industry to work in.

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