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IT & InnovationPart Two: The Virtual Reality Story

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Carley Malena
Posted byCarley Malena

Carley is our Brand & Events Manager. She hosts MeetUps internationally and ensures that our ethos 'We are connecting Europe™' is met.

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On the first day of Christmas Eurostaff sent to me, 'Part Two The Virtual Reality Story…'

85 guests gathered at our established venue 4a Tegelbacken where we hold our Eurostaff Connect Stockholm VR MeetUps. Sipping on wine, grabbing a beer and a bite to eat before making their way into the auditorium for another jam packed evening of presentations and demonstrations of virtual developments, capturing glimpses of the next big thing and chatting amongst themselves about what is to come in 2017 for the virtual reality world.

Johan Svard, CEO and chairman of Logtown Studios was first up to present, he spoke about Embassy what is known to be the start-up hub in Stockholm – Eurostaff are partnered with Embassy as their exclusive recruitment partner and it is our aim to ensure that all growing start-up businesses remain competitive and successful, by placing the best matched professional to the business; this is fundamental to any new venture. Johan spoke briefly about how VR is booming and how 2017 is the year to watch before letting Viktor Peterson, CEO of CLVR Works take centre stage to talk about what it was like to carry out the world's first ever livestream combining 360 video and in-game VR from one of the largest esport events in the world…

Viktor had the audience gripped, well it was about esport after all! His passion for his work shows in the way he presents and this is why Eurostaff regularly catch up with Viktor to see what he has been up to and any new insights he has gained. Once he concluded there was a short break to network, play on Hyrbid Forests VR game, explore VR Sverige’s demo and VR Vision let us into the world of The Real Group & Mando Diao, where we could immerse ourselves in a music studio and stand next to music stars – truly captivating!

The break was over and Katarina Nilsson Naming Consultant and Owner at Eqvarium AB was up next representing women in tech and covered points about why branding and the name of a brand is so vital for business success. Katarina has helped many businesses succeed, ideas are important, but the name will last you the duration, make it count and memorable!

To conclude our evening was our keynote speaker Bengt Dalqvist, Sales Agent from BoldArc bringing us to the present day in VR and how headsets are being used to look around buildings wrapped in a highly realistic virtual environment.

It was a truly eye opening MeetUp as expected, with a lot of insight gained and a crowd going home wanting to learn more and come back for the next lot of virtual reality… Until next time! 

Join our Eurostaff Connect Stockholm MeetUp here.

Have a question or want to become an expert speaker for the VR industry? Feel free to email me: for further information.

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