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IT & Innovation#NowInNordics: 60 seconds with our IT & innovation Specialist, Matias Kauppinen

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Matias Kauppinen
Posted byMatias Kauppinen

Matias focuses on working with Senior Developers, Architects and Management roles in Finland and Sweden. Concentrating on job placements for IT professionals; specifically Open Source: Frontend, JavaScript, AgularJS, ReactJS, Backend, NodeJS, Java, Scala, PHP as well as Mobile, Android and iOS.

Matias has built up an extensive network of talented experts working within software development, ensuring the client has the most suitable match when they are hiring for a new position. 

'I really appreciated the help from Matias to land my current position. During a pretty long recruitment process, he handled the whole thing really professionally and helped to get answers to open questions and make things clearer for all parties.'  Seamus Moloney, Principal Data Architect at F-Secure

Connect with him on LinkedIn:

With Eurostaff opening its first office in the Nordics, basing itself in Stockholm, we’ll be taking some time with the team to find out about their careers, markets and motivations.  We hope this mini-series of interviews gives you an insight into the members of our team who are connecting people to opportunity throughout Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark. Anything else you want to know about our team? Get in touch!

Our IT & Innovation Specialist Matias Kauppinen shares with us his career milestones and his ambitions for the future at our first office open in Stockholm!

My story!

I have been working the Finnish market for three years with Eurostaff. It has been a very rewarding journey so far! We have ambitions of growing our presence in the Swedish/Nordic markets and besides the obvious benefits of being in-country in Sweden, Stockholm is also culturally considered the capital of the Nordics helping those of us working the other geographies get closer to the pulse of the market.

My Focus areas and markets…

I am currently covering the Helsinki Open Source Development/Architecture markets. Naturally I deviate from my “core” market with the needs of my clients and professionals.I hope to continue servicing that subdivision and growing the Finnish market and eventually manage a team. I am currently working with several companies including: F-Secure, AminoMOVE (aka. Booxmedia), LeadDesk, RELEX Solutions andNordPool. Some of the most common requirements I work on is for FullStack Developers (Java, Python, Node.JS, JavaScript – angular.js). Test automation is also something that I have seen a growing demand for.

What will success look like in 2018?

Sweden is the second most prolific tech hub on a per capita basis, behind Silicon Valley making it arguably the tech capital of Europe. As recruiters, one of the keys to success is living in your market. What better way to do so than immerse yourself in the tech world and be part of it? With a team of us working the Swedish market and the boundless opportunities the tech sector provides it is a no brainer to have a base in-country and take advantage of living on the door step of one of the most innovative tech markets in the world.

In this ever-evolving market, the better and longer we can service the sector for the better! Essentially, we then become partners of our clients and more invested in the success of hiring the right personnel.

I hope to continue this trend and grow a team who can build great relationships with their clients in the future so that we become true partners for companies in our markets and essentially a “household” name for recruitment services in Sweden and throughout Europe

Want to learn more about our new Swedish office, current tech roles on offer or hiring? Do get in touch with Matias today to discuss this further!

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