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IT & Innovation#NowInNordics - 60 seconds with our Frontend and UX/UI Specialist Christoffer Pimeoff

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With Eurostaff opening its first office in the Nordics, basing itself in Stockholm, we’ll be taking some time with the team to find out about their careers, markets and motivations.  We hope this mini-series of interviews gives you an insight into the members of our team who are connecting people to opportunity throughout Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark. Anything else you want to know about our team? Get in touch!

Frontend and UX/UI Specialist Christoffer Pimeoff tells us more below:

My Story!

After many exciting years in competitive billiards I found myself sitting in a lunch meeting in Helsinki with two people from “some” recruitment company in London. Funny enough, I basically knew nothing about the industry, but it all sounded very interesting (good sales skills from the two professionals I presume). After that I made a spontaneous decision to move to London two weeks later. Time flies and even it feels like it was just yesterday I moved to London, I now find myself moving to Stockholm with those same individuals to open our Nordics office in central Stockholm and start a whole new very exiting chapter with Eurostaff Group.   

Focus areas!

My main focus area has been software development and with the Stockholm tech scene being one of the world’s most innovative it is clear that it is the place to be. For me personally it is all about being able to match great talent and with exciting opportunities. From a background in frontend and UX recruitment my expertise has grown over time, which makes it possible for me to provide my clients with developers from all parts of the development life cycle.   

What does success look like in 2018?

Looking back to my decision back in Helsinki all that time ago and considering all the great people I have met, having had the opportunity to live in London and travel a fair bit, I know I made the right one and I feel lucky to be part of this team with great individuals that will make our Swedish office unique. There is no question that being locally based in Stockholm but keeping our international identity we mean we are able to stand out and build something totally different. Also considering the fact that being one of the first on site, I will be given the opportunity to help and lead new team members to success as we grow to become the number one recruitment business in the Nordics. 

Get in touch with Chris and learn more about tech roles available here.  

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