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IT & Innovation#NowInNordics - 60 seconds with our Engineering Specialist John Borge

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John Borge
Posted byJohn Borge

As a Norwegian resident and recruitment veteran, John is best-placed to connect you to the best opportunities in the region.
Connect with him on LinkedIn:

With Eurostaff opening its first office in the Nordics, basing itself in Stockholm, we’ll be taking some time with the team to find out about their careers, markets and motivations.  We hope this mini-series of interviews gives you an insight into the members of our team who are connecting people to opportunity throughout Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark. Anything else you want to know about our team? Get in touch!

Our Engineering Specialist John Borge explains more below:

My story!

I started at Eurostaff after moving to the UK  from Norway. To be honest, I didn’t really know what recruitment was. I joined a team of 10, and we all started together, we had a one week intense training course then straight in to the job. Fortunately, I had fantastic mentors and a great team that made the start to my recruitment career as easy as it could be.

Fast forward five years and I’m now back home in Oslo (which I am loving!) and since Eurostaff is a very accommodating company, they have now incorporated a Norwegian entity to accommodate myself and the growing business in the Nordics.  

My focus areas and markets…

I’ve got two focus areas and that is Automotive/Embedded and Systems Engineering in Norway and Sweden. There is already an established market but it continues to grow as the focus on software and security within automotive and consumer electronics intensifies - the demand for talented staff is higher than ever. Local and foreign investment is they key driver behind this and it does not look like it will stop for a long time.

What will success look like in 2018?

To deliver the best quality service to my clients and see talented people who realise their own potential.

Looking to hire or for a new role in the engineering space across the Nordic region? Contact John today here!

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