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IT & InnovationNo Vowels? That's so 2016!

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Katarina Nilsson
Posted byKatarina Nilsson

Katarina Nilsson is Naming Consultant and Owner at Eqvarium AB, she is also a founding member of Eurostaff Experts.

Is it wise to adjust to the new and trendy? Or is it smarter to resist, stick to what you know and think ahead? When it comes to naming, it doesn’t hurt to be aware of what’s going on around you. Just don’t let anxiety get the better of you.

A new year equals new trends and naming is of course no exception. While some can benefit from being very trendy in their marketing, others may in fact suffer from it. If you’ve developed a product, service or company that’s meant to stand the test of time, going for the flashiest name in town could be a fatal option even if it sounds great right now.

For a period of time, it’s been extremely popular to leave the vowels out of the brand name. A cool and edgy reaction to more traditional names for sure, but chances are you will soon go cross-eyed over brands such as Kitchn, Happn, Smpl, Flickr and their 900 cousins out there.  

But even names, words and expressions that in fact survive the trends and get stuck in our dna may not last forever. A very interesting new wave is the so called not-com domains. Since the dawning of Internet, dot-com has been unthreatened as the superior domain, but now people are starting to experiment with a variety of options. These domains can be practically anything — .home, .green, .guru, what have you! Over 17 million not-com domains have already been registered and it will be very exciting to see how this trend develops. 

These days, the art of naming requires even more than before. The way we talk and perceive things changes fast and so does language itself. Also, people get bored more easily and what’s hot today can certainly be dead cold tomorrow. We’re ready to face all exciting naming challenges that come our way 2017. Our advantage is that we also take 2025 into the equation.

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