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IT & InnovationNew Eurostaff office opens in the heart of Utrecht!

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Carley Malena
Posted byCarley Malena

Carley is our Brand & Events Manager. She hosts MeetUps internationally and ensures that our ethos 'We are connecting Europe™' is met.

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Working in the Netherlands is not new to us at Eurostaff having worked in the country for over a decade. October however marks the start of a new and exciting chapter for us as we open an office in the city of Utrecht, with Business Manager Iwan Elzinga heading up the division.

Iwan shares with us his vision for a bright future managing the success of this office, growing a large team and playing his part in Connecting Europe™ 

When does the new office open? 

We’re open! The operations team in London has worked incredibly hard to get the last bits finalised and I am interviewing the first people to join our office this week.

Where is it? 

The new office has opened in the city of Utrecht. It is right in the centre of the Netherlands and is known for its vibrant atmosphere, excellent universities and is an ideal location for many businesses, including a lot of the leading technology companies.

Which sectors will the new office focus on? 

It is my aim to continue working within the industries where Eurostaff are having great success. I will initially be focusing in software development - specifically placing Java professionals into roles. I have mapped out the plans for an extensive number of hires and with this growth comes an expansion to markets like Digital Customer Experience, Data Science, Business Consultancy, Cyber Security and Cloud Specialists. 

What is the market like in the Netherlands? 

With the Netherlands being one of the most tech-savvy countries in the world, it is no wonder that the IT market is absolutely booming. With a healthy economy, a huge international presence and a high level of education, there is a very big market to tap into. 2016 saw thousands of IT-related vacancies unfilled, so clients are not scared of hiring and the IT market is constantly growing and changing. As with many markets, it’s the talent that is hard to find, but this creates our niche. The country offers an excellent tax and payment scheme for clients and international professionals to move over and work, and the universities also see a year-to-year rise in students deciding to take up a degree in technology. With all this said, the Netherlands offers a brilliant platform for Eurostaff to set up and become hugely successful. 

What role will this office play within the wider Eurostaff business? 

As Eurostaff opens new offices across Europe in the coming year, it is the aim to become the leading staff provider in technology in every country. I want Eurostaff to become the household name within The Netherlands for all technology recruitment. I believe that with the backing of the wider group, the in-house knowledge and local set up of each office, we will be ahead of many of our competitors. We can deliver a very personalised approach with recruitment professionals that understand the culture, speak the language and are close to the clients and candidates.  We will offer real human approach to recruitment and careers which is lacking far too much currently.

How will you share best practice? 

As a Dutch native I, will bring a clear understanding of the culture and values of the country. I bring over six years of recruitment experience, fully focussing on the Dutch technology market and will transfer all my knowledge into this business to give the Dutch office a clear identity and work in what I believe the best way to serve our clients and professionals as well as we possibly can. 

From an internal hiring perspective I also have a very clear idea of the type of people we need to hire to ensure we start off with a strong team of people. I understand what is important for Dutch employers, and a lot of Saman Tabrizi, our Managing Director, ideas and what he has implemented in the German offices will translate well into this Dutch office. 

How many people will you employ? 

For the first six months, I will be looking to grow to a team of six. My aim is to have our first 3-4 hires all starting together, no later than the start of November. This way they can all start training together and we can work on a strong foundation moving forward. Long-term, the options are endless, with the Dutch market being one of the strongest in the world, I truly believe we can emulate what is happening in our German offices, boosting a healthy and profitable year-to-year growth. Just by mapping out the markets I can see room for at least 60 people in the next 3-4 years. 

If you are looking to work in recruitment, are looking to hire or would like to be placed in a new technology role in The Netherlands, please email Iwan to discuss this further. 

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