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IT & Innovation#IWD2018 #EurostaffersReveal: How we #PressForProgress - Leah Matkin, Director and Head of Analytics

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"INTERNATIONAL Women's Day is a day of recognition and celebration of women globally". Eurostaff celebrate the women working in the business who are pushing boundaries across the fields of technology, science, design and innovation all over with the globe with our specialists of whom are helping to place professionals into suitable roles and careers. 

It’s an inclusive day where everyone, whether male or female is involved and collectively we work together to make a difference. The day marks full time mums, those juggling both work and being a mother, women pushing the boundaries to decrease the pay gap and have equality between sexes in job roles where there is still a considerable difference.

Keep an eye out over the next week for our series of 'EurostaffersReveal: How They #PressForProgress' articles, highlighting the achievements and success of these powerful women making a positive impact daily! Leah Matkin, Director and Head of Anayltics gives her exclusive thoughts on #IWD2018 and how she has climbed the ranks and created a successful career as well as being a full time mum to her beautiful baby boy Raef. 

Tell us about your career journey, where did it begin and how have you ended up in your role at Eurostaff? What does your role now involve day to day?

I started off at Eurostaff straight out of university over 12 years ago and I have grown in that time from a rookie to directorship level.

Can you tell me about a female role model who has inspired you over your career?

Darcey Bussle and The Queen. They’re both incredibly strong women with an amazing work ethic who represent the pinnacle of their craft (in very different ways!) aswell as having reinvented themselves for the changing times. I hope to count myself as a strong woman and I have definitely had to reinvent myself over the years in recruitment. 

International Women’s Day was first marked in 1911 – over 100 years ago. Why do you think the day is still relevant and so important?

I think the day is still relevant as I believe it is good to support our sex in whatever choices they make. Woman’s rights have changed so much since 1911 and now, more than ever i think it is important to recognise women’s free choice - because now we can choose to be what ever we want. 

This year the focus is on ‘Press for Progress’ – how do you and your work team do this?

My team is completely female. We both work hard but also have 2 little boys. Progress is that we have the flexibility to work from home, still be professionally hugely successful, but also manage to do our most important job: bath time!

Any tips for those women searching for their future career?

I would say that I am in lucky position of not thinking about gender. I am who I am because of my personal drivers and goals. Be determined, be bullish, anything is possible! 

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