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IT & Innovation#IWD2018 #EurostaffersReveal: How we #PressForProgress - Laura Westenberger, Head of HR

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"INTERNATIONAL Women's Day is a day of recognition and celebration of women globally". Eurostaff celebrate the women working in the business who are pushing boundaries across the fields of technology, science, design and innovation all over with the globe with our specialists of whom are helping to place professionals into suitable roles and careers. 

It’s an inclusive day where everyone, whether male or female is involved and collectively we work together to make a difference. The day marks full time mums, those juggling both work and being a mother, women pushing the boundaries to decrease the pay gap and have equality between sexes in job roles where there is still a considerable difference.

Keep an eye out over the next week for our series of 'EurostaffersReveal: How They #PressForProgress' articles, highlighting the achievements and success of these powerful women making a positive impact daily!

Laura Westenberger, our Head of HR located in our Berlin office gives her exclusive thoughts on #IWD2018 and how she has made it to such a powerful position in the business. 

Tell us about your career journey, where did it begin and how have you ended up in your role at Eurostaff? What does your role now involve day to day?

I started my career as a Manager in training at an American retail company where I discovered my passion for HR. After leaving that job to finish my Masters degree I got offered the position of Internal Recruiter with Eurostaff in Berlin, where I quickly began to take on HR tasks due to the fast growth of the business. Now I am in charge of all HR functions for Eurostaff across five different countries with seven offices and have a team of driven HR specialists to support the various businesses needs – from employment contracts and onboarding of new employees to supporting our (future) leaders and making strategic decisions.
Can you tell me about a female role model who has inspired you over your career?

One of my closet friends inspires me every day to push further and believe in myself and my abilities. She has an amazing work ethic, she is very smart and driven and hardly ever in a bad mood. She is a tough but fair manager, a confident business partner and a role model for everyone – male or female!
International Women’s Day was first marked in 1911 – over 100 years ago. Why do you think the day is still relevant and so important?

Our company is relatively young and attracts a lot of first-jobbers, open-minded modern people. But I can imagine that in other companies, where men have always been at the top for decades and centuries even, change might not come easily. Change sounds threatening to a lot people and unfortunately this hinders progress. Also, in quite a few cultures with strong economies, women are still perceived as the “weaker” gender. Every culture has its own speed…Hopefully more will catch up soon!

This year the focus is on ‘How will you #PressForProgress’ – how do you and your work team?

I feel that Eurostaff and especially my team, are very progressive when it comes to women in business.

My team is made up of three women and one man, with a female “Head Of”. I don’t differentiate between my team members’ genders in relation to who I promote and neither does the company as a whole. If anything though at the moment in general I think Eurostaff is promoting women more than man at the moment with almost all Ops leaders being female, so they really are flying and doing well here. We have a very transparent, equal-for-all salaries and promotion criteria, I think we have almost as many women as men in the business, which really proves times have changed when you look at our business as a whole!

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