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IT & InnovationIT & Innovation Specialist Carl Rosander attends STHLM Tech Fest 2017

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Carl Rosander
Posted byCarl Rosander

IT & Innovation specialist placing professionals into tech roles all over Sweden. Get in touch with him today if you are seeking a new role or a career change.

Our IT & DevOps Specialist Carl Rosander attended the STHLM Tech Fest at the Stockholm Waterfront Congress Centre earlier this month. 5000 start-up founders, investors, designers, developers, and journalists came together to share, be inspired and network. Carl talks about his experience from the two days of networking.

Why is STHLM such an important calendar date for professionals working in tech?

It is the most talked about event where all the major players in the tech world - and those aspiring to be one - can flex their muscles and accomplishments. It is also one of the few events in Sweden where business associates and friends within IT can meet under casual circumstances and discuss things that are important to them in a relaxed atmosphere. One of the best things about Techfest is that is THE event where you get all the anticipated inside information before everyone else.

What valuable information did you learn whilst at the event?

How incredibly easy it is to network, but also exhausting! Preparation is key though, I made sure what value I could add to people’s careers and their companies and made sure I knew how I could solve their problems. I think it is key to know before hand who is attending within your sector and spend a good amount of time on research so you can spend your time wisely, and make the necessary connections within your network.

What did you learn about the job landscape for tech based job roles at STHLM?

Fintech is taking on the banks and the disruption is already happening. The fintech companies are making so much money that there is a certain amount of brain-drain from start-ups in other sectors as the can write blank salary cheques. So, finding talent is extremely hard for those that have higher entry barriers to their market.

Once automation takes proper hold in terms of services and products, not only will there be a massive shortage of skilled workers, there is likely to be high redundancy rates. It is something everyone needs to consider – both individuals and businesses.

Does anyone stand out from the people you met?

I met with many founders of start-ups who are extremely interesting with some great stories in tech to tell.

To name a few, 

Sebastian Siemiatkowski from Klarna had a great talk about what issues Fintech companies are facing in the future. The most crucial aspect as of now is the need to broaden the products and services as the margins of payments are decreased and the bottom line of those that have a singular service such as iZettle will be massively compromised, which is why it is such good news for Klarna and their Banking License coming through. This will allow Klarna do massively diversify their portfolio of services and products which they can curate to match their user base.

Mose Hargot owner and founder of Society Icon. He runs a platform where social media users can sync their followers and friends to Society Icon’s algorithm to see if there are any companies that want to advertise on their social media feed. They immediately get a quote from a company with a fee they will pay if the user posts an advertisment for a week or so. Brilliant!

I also met Mike Radoor, co-founder of Ocast, a media platform that makes it easier and more efficient in buying ads online for those that are tired of spending hard earned money on ads that never reaches out in a way that was anticipated. I really like his platform and will be following its progress and growth with great interest.

Ronja Koepke and Ted Elvhage, runs Sweden’s most successful and groundbreaking Investment Podcast. Their variety of guests from ground breaking entrepreneurs to controversial individuals within the hottest sectors in Stockholm is something to follow religiously. 

Cloud & DevOps Specialist Carl places tier one individuals into fintech roles all over Sweden. Get in touch with him today if you are seeking a new role or a career change here


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