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IT & InnovationIs JavaScript the most commonly used programming language on Earth?

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Zaynah Onye, Ashley Tromans & Matias Kauppinen
Posted byZaynah Onye, Ashley Tromans & Matias Kauppinen

Three of our Nordics team get together to discuss StackOverflow's recent research

Recent research undertaken by Stack Overflow Developer Survey 2016 ( has shown that JavaScript with a massive 85.3%, is the most commonly used programming language on earth, with Full-Stack Developers being high in demand! This is a bold statement, therefore our JavaScript Specialists Zaynah Oyne, Matias Kauppinen and Ashley Tromans collaborated together to give some much needed feedback to our technology community, giving their views on how technology businesses are adapting to different frameworks.

Zaynah: Let’s consider the countless businesses there are, all needing websites to promote who they are, what they do and where they do it; fundamentally wanting to keep ahead of their competitors. Websites have become essential in this process and any business that wants to succeed needs to have to one. Therefore, every website created that has a browser engine needs to use JavaScript, whether it is built in Java, Pearl or Python; you need JavaScript. It basically has become an essential programming language.

Matias: Any company wants their website to be user friendly, responsive and slick. It’s the face of the business and it is certainly a tool used to encourage an increase in demand for the product or service offering. JavaScript now with all of the frameworks, front-end, as well as the server side frameworks, allows developers to just use one language throughout the website on the front and the back end, it is also there to make the web applications useable on various platforms, like Facebook with React.

Ashley: JavaScript is the most popular language because there are so many frameworks around it, and more modern frameworks  - it is very exciting, a lot of the systems currently out there being used are outdated and old, JavaScript is the most modern web technology, it much more effective, more integrated and efficient, it is seen to be a light programming language for businesses to use. Websites have to constantly be updated and maintained – the traditional programmes meant this was a lot more work but JavaScript simplifies the process – which every business would opt for!

What are businesses looking for when seeking JavaScript specialists?

Matias: Skills in React and Angular are the biggest demands technology businesses require at the moment – so these different frameworks first and foremost require a Native JavaScript Developer to then move into the different frameworks; the good news is the frameworks are all transferrable, so as a whole we have found that if the professional has skills in JavaScript they will find it really easy to work with React or Angular frameworks.

Zaynah: More recently businesses are seeking Full-Stack JavaScript Developers, so that would be skills in both the Front-End and Back-End in JavaScript, which would then be on a React or Angular framework – we of course always ask the client which programming language they are requiring when looking for Full-Stack Developers but more often than not it is in JavaScript.

Ashley: Start-ups are a lot more agile so they are more likely to get involved with the new technologies in this case JavaScript and make requirements for high quality Full-Stack JavaScript Developers, there is a high demand but supply is difficult; at present there is a skills gap, at present, it would be easier to source a high quality Java Front-End Developer and Java-Script back-end, than a Full-Stack Developer. It is important to note businesses that have been a round a lot longer have systems in place like Java or PHP back-end that they will be comfortable with their employees using so there is resistance to change something that works.

So in answer to the question: is JavaScript the most commonly used programming language on Earth?

It certainly looks to be that way. As time moves forward the demand for Full-Stack JavaScript professionals is set to rise, therefore there is no better time for those working in programming languages to ensure they are skilled up Front and Back-End in JavaScript, opening up the best opportunities  in such a fast paced technological era!

Matias & Zaynah recruit in Finland and Ashley recruits in Denmark matching professionals to the most suitable roles. If you are looking for a new career move or you are a business seeking advice about frameworks and developers, please drop us a message here.

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