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IT & InnovationIntroduction to Oslo, the 'Beta World City'

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John Borge
Posted byJohn Borge

As a Norwegian resident and recruitment veteran, John is best-placed to connect you to the best opportunities in the region.
Connect with him on LinkedIn:

Oslo is ranked as a ‘Beta World City’, which means that it is one of the best places to visit and live in based on several quality of life indexes, reflective of this is the working environment where building the right skills can help countries such as Norway and city Oslo improve economic prosperity and social cohesion. The work place is made up of flat organisations, creating a much more relaxed atmosphere where equality, trust and collaboration are some of the core values instilled. 

Our Engineering Specialist John Borge, of whom himself is Norwegian, understands first-hand the culture and expectations of Norway and recruits professionals to work in this country giving them the best possible advice and matching professionals to the most suited job role to their given experience.

1.What makes Oslo, the capital of Norway such an attractive city to work in?

Norway is one of the richest countries in the world and its capital, Oslo, is currently Europe's fastest growing capital city. It’s a capital in transition from just oil and gas related business to a lot more innovative and exciting software companies; Oslo is gaining a tech/communication base start-up spirit that is thriving with a refreshingly balanced approach to work and life.

2. Which jobs are highly sought after in Oslo?

R&D Engineers: innovative thinkers are in high demand – if you are good you will almost certainly land a job. Norway is such a small country and we need all the sought after competencies we can get, where building the right skills can help cities such as Oslo improve economic affluence.

3. When seeking work in Norway which tips can you give that will make a professional stand out?

Be yourself! Show them who you are and be creative, flexible and efficient. Attend Meetups such as ‘Start-up Norway-Oslo’, so you can network with like-minded professionals in the space, learn more and create a presence. Work/life balance is important to Norwegians, so take time to go biking, running, sailing and skiing, these are all very popular within the business world and give you ice breakers to speak about.

Tip: Don’t plan for meetings Friday afternoon, during Holidays or during the month of July.

4. What can an expat looking to move to Oslo, Norway expect?

Oslo is ranked #1 city in the world in terms of quality of life! Loads of fresh air, friendly and welcoming people, it is ranked as one of the most business friendly cities in the world, with a strong economy, digitally advanced and real governmental stability. It is a country that is very easy to settle in and where renewable energy is seen to a highly important aspect of keeping things moving. From 2020 public transport will be powered using only renewable energy sources. Electric buses will be running on the streets of Oslo in a predicted five years' time, and by 2025 around one-third of all buses will be electric (Ruter, 2016). Norwegians are known as digitally advanced and early adopters, willing and able to pay for new technology. This makes Oslo a unique test market, and that means higher demand for testers, developers, engineers! 

Finding a job in Norway normally takes longer than most foreign job seekers expect, but do not let this put you off, and understand that things are done slower than in comparison to busy cities such as London or Paris.

5. What else can you tell us about business in Norway?

 As mentioned above it is a country in transition – from being oil and gas dependent to having more start-ups emerging, and is proving to be a very up and coming fintech environment. According to projections from Statistics Norway, by 2040 migrants will comprise close to 20% of the Norwegian population and over 30% in Oslo.

The Survey of Adults Skills (PIAAC) shows that over-qualification is relatively widespread among the foreign-born population in Norway – who are two and a half times more likely to be overqualified for their job than native born Norwegians. This rate is higher than that found in Austria, Sweden and Germany and indicates that migrants offer a significant stock of untapped skills in Norway – it is all about enhancing the use of migrants’ skills and maximising their capabilities!

If you have a question for John, please feel free to email him or connect today on LinkedIn..

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