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IT & InnovationImprove your machine learning and learn ways to successfully use the data your business extracts!

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Carley Malena
Posted byCarley Malena

Carley is our Brand & Events Manager. She hosts MeetUps internationally and ensures that our ethos 'We are connecting Europe™' is met.

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As the year turns to autumn, we’re less than a week away from the next Eurostaff Meetup, Better Machine Learning with Apache Ignite™.

Partnering with GridGain Systems, who created the first enterprise grade in-memory computing platform and datazuum business intelligence specialists with cutting edge advanced business analytics providing decision map, data strategy, analysis, reporting and more.

The event will provide real life examples and show how Apache Ignite™ can be used for better data analysis. Alongside this, we’ll discover exactly what the in-memory tool can provide users with and how it will quickly become an essential in any machine learning toolkit.

If your machine learning knowledge is rough around the edges, it is essentially a field of science that gives computers the ability to learn independently, without the need for additional programming. When combined with the vast information that can be mined from big data, these powerful systems have boundless potential.

It may have been around for a while, but the Gartner prediction that 85% of customer interaction in retail will be managed by AI by 2020 is looking increasingly accurate. With this forecast, the important role that machine learning has to play and the opportunities an influx of roles will create, can you really afford to be left behind?

At the centre of our Meetup is Apache Ignite™, an open-source platform that focuses on cluster computing and distributed processing. One of the major features is its ability to self-heal if parts of the system go down, making it an excellent tool when addressing today’s fast data issues.

Our keynote speaker of the evening is Akmal Chaudhri, Lead Global Technical Evangelist at GridGain, who will be discussing how the different components of Apache Ignite™ work together to instantly enable businesses to reap the rewards of machine learning.

He will be joined by Samir Sharma, a Data Strategy & Analytics Expert at Datazuum, who is going to be giving a broader overview about data and discuss what challenges clients are facing when it comes to extracting information, with case studies included. This insight will ensure our guests walk away with techniques that can be applied successfully in their roles. 

The Meetup is due to take place on Thursday, 19 October, starting at 6.30pm at the Huckletree building in London. There are still tickets available for anyone who wants to attend, and more information and a chance to RSVP can be found on our event page.

Akmal Chaudhri, Lead Global Technical Evangelist at GridGain
Samir Sharma, Analytics Specialist at Datazuum
Leah Matkin, Analytics Recruitment Manager at Eurostaff

James Rutter, IT & Data Specialist at Eurostaff

Big Data, Machine Learning and Apache Ignite™

Huckletree, Finsbury Square, London, EC2A 1AH

Thursday, 19 October, 6.30pm

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