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IT & InnovationHow Senseon built a team around authenticity

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Authenticity is everything at Senseon, the whole business revolves around this and each employee has plenty of experience working with people from all backgrounds and cultures. Every member of the team has experience spanning a wide range of industries and at Senseon they have the opportunity to collaborate all the skills they’ve built through their careers. It’s this unique blend of talent that helps the company maintain an authentic edge throughout their business.

Senseon’s mix of team members is comprised of technical hackers, commercial cyber software developers, ex-special forces and government employees with start-up experience; all of whom are involved in the growth of the company and invested in building its success for years to come. The team have become a close-knit group and always work closely to achieve their goals, none of this would be possible without the authentic culture Senseon has built.

Will Maunder-Taylor, Chief Operating Officer at Senseon, discussed how breaking down analytical buffers has helped the company achieve their authenticity: 

“Whether we’re at an interview or a first-date, we all have this social façade and ‘buffers’ that prevent us from being our true selves in these social interactions. We believe that to build an authentic team these need to be broken down. This starts in our hiring process and continues every day when we come to work.”

Senseon believes you can’t judge someone in the traditional interview process except their effectiveness in an interview using pre-canned answers to typical questions in an almost robotic process. More so they do not believe it gives the company or the team the ability to showcase themselves nor identify how they may work together with potential additions to the team.

This ties in to the fact that they don’t rely upon job boards for sourcing professionals. Those with the right skills won’t need to speak for hours about themselves, but it will be clearly obvious in how they interact and the rapport built when they come in to chat with the team about the role, they meet the team members, chat about different projects and really get a feel for the business.

David Atkinson, Founder and CEO at Senseon: How has the process benefitted you and how does it benefit candidates who sacrifice their time to attend interviews?

‘So essentially we want to work with curious, highly intelligent & technical problem solvers, who can think clearly under pressure. We love ‘honest rogues’ because the people who our technology defends against don’t operate under any constraints. They will take the path of least resistance, no matter how mischievous, to achieve their goals. The process and situations that we put potential teammates through, draws out these qualities, with some surprising results.'

‘Whether successful or otherwise we want candidates to walk away having had a positive, impactful experience. Be that from interaction with the team, self-improvement through useful feedback, or learning about themselves through unique challenges and problem solving such as rescuing hostages from rebel militias or advanced spycraft scenarios.'

Leah Matkin, Eurostaff Director, has over 10 years’ worth of experience in the recruitment industry and commented on how working with Senseon offered a unique experience:

“For the first time in 10 years, I’m opening my inbox and receiving positive reviews from excited developers. As a tech start-up, they have developed an innovative approach to hiring that has caught the imagination of my community. This is different than anything I’ve seen in over a decade of recruitment”

Senseon provide an intelligent platform that utilises AI and machine learning to provide cyber security in real time. Such a complicated matter requires a team that can work together always and with their unique hiring tactics, they’ve managed to gather talented and authentic professionals from all over the technology industry.

Looking for a role working in cyber security or tech related? Drop Leah Matkin an email today here.

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