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IT & InnovationGroundbreaking Virtual and Augmented Reality 2016 and beyond

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Johan Hägerström
Posted byJohan Hägerström

Johan Hägerström is the founder of and a founding member of our Eurostaff Expert community.

Johan Hägerström started pushing VR Sweden as a hobby project in 2013, just after the Oculus Rift had started their trip with a Kickstarter campaign. Johan had an interest in virtual reality before then, and wanted to share all the exciting things he saw and read while he watched the industry grow.

Three years and 600 news posts later, he met Niclas Johansson, who also wanted to venture into the event-filled world surrounding VR. They teamed up and a new, larger vision was shaped... 

Johan was joined by his colleague Joel Ring at our VR/AR Eurostaff Connect Stockholm Meetup, Thursday, 25 August, at 4a Tegelbacken, they discussed how to build a VR community that welcomes both consumers and professionals.

Johan speaks exclusively about his thoughts on the topic ‘Groundbreaking Virtual and Augmented Reality 2016 and beyond…’

1. Tell us a little bit about is the biggest online news site dedicated to VR and AR in Sweden. One of our main goals is to spread the word of VR to the broader mainstream audience. Right now the VR-business is like a empty sheet of paper, with the need to be filled with lots of education on the new technology and innovations emerging. Many industries want to do Virtual Reality in some form, but almost no one knows how to do it. That’s where we come in. With both editorial news desk, VR-event managing of all sizes, and pure VR-consulting business for B2B, we try to be the natural connection for all things happening in VR and Sweden.

2. Why is virtual and augmented reality such a hot topic at the moment?

It's the next big media consuming platform. Many even call it the ”final platform” which I really like. I mean, why buy a new TV when you can just download the newest TV-app and use it in VR? What also interests me a s a former teacher, is the power of better communication between humans. VR gives us that advanced high definition communication layer that we don’t get with normal video conferencing for example. Connecting people in better ways always leads to less distance, less conflicts and a safer world.

3. It has been said that start-ups are jumping on the VR/AR bandwagon in Stockholm – what have you noticed working within the world of VR?

Covering VR/AR for the past 4-5 years by now, I’ve seen it from the start. Stockholm is a great place for any start-up, especially in media and Tech. VR is just continuing that and I’m not surprised at all that Stockholm plays such an important part. Over 80% of people have access to 100mbit/s or better internet now, and had it for years. It makes a real difference and impact moving forward!

4. What are your thoughts about the Pokémon Go app?

I love the tech done with the app. I spent the first month chasing Pokémon’s all over the place. It made me see places I never would have visited without the game! Now I’m more interested in improving games and real Augmented Reality. Pokémon Go is a great teaser for what is to come!

5. Which other VR/AR apps interest you and why?

Social VR hands down. Its connecting people together that is going to make VR mainstream and reach the broader audience… Watch that space!

6. What did you speak about out our Eurostaff Connect Stockholm: Disruptive innovation mapping the technological future in virtual and augmented reality?

Me and my colleague Joel talked about our efforts to grow the VR-audience and awareness as a whole. How targeting both VR-enthusiasts and the mainstream-audience is a very important part right now in growing the VR-business and moving forward successfully!


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