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IT & InnovationFrance: Five Need to Knows in Tech

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Anas Tayach
Posted byAnas Tayach

Anas est Responsable en Recrutement des technologies JAVA, Web, Mobile et PHP pour le marché français.

Cliquez ici pour accéder à son LinkedIn et en découvrir davantage ! 

"Je travaille avec Anas depuis 2015. Plutôt qu'être un simple ingénieur commercial qui ne connaît pas la personne qu'il présentera au client final, Anas adopte une approche essentiellement basée sur l'humain. Il est capable de comprendre les besoins de ses clients et d'y répondre au mieux en leur proposant le meilleur match en vue de ses contacts freelance.

J'ai été heureux de travailler avec Anas et je serai ravi de travailler avec lui à l'avenir. Je le recommande chaleureusement." - Laurent JOYEUX, ingénieur logiciel chez Groupe Mutuel

As technology advances different expertise emerges, resulting in trends where businesses seek new job roles to remain competitive in a market driven by revolution.  

IT & Innovation Specialist Anas Tayach reveals five ‘Needs to Knows’ about technology in France. 

1. JavaScript

JavaScript technology is booming. Tech clients from start-ups through to FTSE100 corporations are seeking JavaScript Developers; essentially there is high demand, but problematically there is a low supply as there is a specialist skill-set gap, However for those who have the relevant expertise they are finding themselves in a great position at the moment as they can be more selective in where they choose to work.  

To overcome the skills-gap developers could go on specialist courses to further enrich their CV or for those off to university with the intention to eventually peruse a rewarding career in technology; they should look at courses in Software Engineering. 

2. Autonomous Platforms: Big Data and Machine Learning

Big Data Engineers are well paid and it is seen to be a well sought after job. Companies know they need to be invested in Big Data as the information produced can be analysed giving insight about their consumers – providing results that will impact the business and leverage them against competitors. Behind every search engine there is Big Data and Machine Learning – every time you Google search, these technologies work systematically and will be able to provide the exact answer to what you are looking for and even tailor the search engine specific to your needs! 

Machine learning is developing as the increase in Artificial Intelligence emerges. AI is the future; it is an unavoidable technology that is revolutionary; ‘transformative impacts from this technology lie in the future. While this field promises tremendous benefits, a growing body of experts within and outside the field of AI has raised concerns that future developments may represent a major technological risk’, ( which suggests a correlation in the rise in security roles to ensure this is not the case.

3. DevOps & Automation of Software Development

DevOps is the collaboration of development and operations, creating a forward-thinking, streamlined communication of between software developers and other information-technology (IT) professionals; it is a much needed cultural shift in business to increase responsiveness collaboration, speed and agility.

Automated Testing is a really recent way of developing software – tests are executed and their outcomes can be reported and compared to create effective software. This reduces risk and costs when it comes to development of larger projects. Skills in test automation are essential and there is an increase in businesses needing these types of engineers, it enables you to work in real-time and respond quicker to customers expectations.

4. Internet of Things & Apps

Businesses are now integrating a division where they concentrate on Internet of Things. In bigger organisations they have little start-ups that are experimenting to create advancements that are life changing. These innovators are working on implementations such as linking your phone to check the milk in your fridge, or shut the blinds with your phone etc.

All these apps use Java, JavaScript, mobile technology iOS, which highlights how interconnected technology can be, and how essential it is that we have developers working in these fields to ensure these new technologies take off successfully.

5. Revolutionary Computer Training Free and Open To All

‘France has been losing ground in the digital domain. It currently holds the 20th place in this field despite being the fifth largest economy in the world.’ (

France will benefit from more professionals working in digital related professions that will enhance the economy further, hence the introduction of computer training that is free and open to all. This gives more individuals the chance of having a successful career, progression and helping to fill any skills gaps noticeable within France.

Have a question for Anas? Drop him an email today or connect on LinkedIn today for more information! 

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