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IT & Innovation#EurostaffViews: Yann Louis-Jean Frontend Specialist - Is Angular JS the most in demand Frontend Programming Language?

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Eurostaff have been partnered with HackerRank for the past 18 months, joining them in their mission to match every developer to the right job. They help our specialists at Eurostaff to evaluate technical skills better and create opportunities for millions of programmers worldwide.

HackerRank's 2018 Developer Skills Report came out in January with insights based on 39,441 developers highlighting a lot of interesting data revolved around the world of Open Source Programming Languages. We spoke to our Frontend Specialist Yann Louis-Jean who places developers into roles across France, and asked him the question: 'Is Angular JS, the most in demand front end programming language, as the HackerRank stats show?'

'The HackerRank statistic is reflective of my everyday working life recruiting in the open source programming field, however, in my opinion, Angular JS is seen to be slightly dated, with the new version Angular 2, 4 and 5 being asked for a lot more, which potentially means we will see an even bigger boom in figure the latter end of the year and well in to 2019. *Deepak Janardhanan, Solution Engineer at HackerRank did explain that the Angluar 39% was accounting all versions of Angluar combined.* 

I have found that the most sought after framework in France for JavaScript is in fact React. For contract roles clients are asking that developers have at least a year of experience in this programming language as at present it is much harder to source the React skill-set.  I urge developers to take a course if they have not learnt how to use this langauge already, or for them to consider taking a slightly lower wage and learning on the job.  Over time a higher salary can be negotiated as your experience and confidence increases.

I have also been asked by large clients to source professionals who have Vue JS knowledge; so developers should keep an eye on that and keep gaining experience in this framework wherever possible. For a permanent position the majority of clients are happy to take on a developer who hasn't got certain framework experience, but this is because they are long-term employees and can learn as they go. My own personal statistics when looking at 52 job requests over the past eight months shows that React has been the most frequently asked for framework experience.'

Looking for a role working in Open Source Programming? Get in touch with our specialist Yann Louis-Jean today here.

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