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IT & Innovation#EurostaffViews: Semiconductor and R&D Specialist James Toynton - 'How do you see Artificial Intelligence impacting the future of tech?'

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James Toynton
Posted byJames Toynton

James is an expert in the R&D and Semiconductor field across Europe, you can connect with him on LinkedIn here:

James connected me with a great opportunity for a new contract on extremely short notice. He is a professional and dedicated recruiter. I'm looking forward to more placements from him! Doug Cutter, Technical leader.

Artificial Intelligence is a big topic this year and it has been said that it is 'a tool that can push the human race forward, like how other notable inventions did throughout the history of humanity'

With such a bold viewpoint we put the question to our specialists at Eurostaff: 'How do you see Artificial Intelligence impacting the future of tech?' 

First up giving his opinion on the topic is our Semiconductor and R&D Specialist James Toynton, read what he believes the impact will be below:

'Artificial Intelligence is continuing to grow and shows no signs of slowing down. Everyone has heard of the likes of AI flexing their muscles in outperforming humans, Deep Blue and AlphaGo being two notable and measurable milestones; beating the world’s best Chess player – Garry Kasparov – and Go player – Lee Sedol – respectively! To give the former some context: The number of electrons in the observable universe is approximately 10^79 , while the number of unique chess games is 10^120. That’s a lot of computational power needed.

With the likes of Moore’s Law, ensuring exponential technological growth continues, the theory is that this will continue to explode into new unheralded territories, and with the likes of Machine Learning and the Internet of Things, this will accelerate further.

Will AI outperform the human condition? It remains to be seen if they will be the authors of such posts as this one you are reading now… A scary thought perhaps, or indeed a revolution?!'

Get in touch with James today if you are hiring or looking for a new role in the semiconductor and R&D sector.

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