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IT & Innovation#EurostaffViews: Semiconductor and R&D Specialist Algida Gaidyte - 'How do you see Artificial Intelligence impacting the future of tech?'

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Algida Gaidyte
Posted byAlgida Gaidyte

Algida places professionals into R&D and Semiconductor roles across Europe.

'I have had a very positive work experience with Algida. She is professional and follows up on items discussed and agreed. She also has a genuine interest and concern for peoples well being and developing people.' (Manager at Ericsson)

Connect with her on LinkedIn today:


Artificial Intelligence is a big topic this year and it has been said that it is 'a tool that can push the human race forward, like how other notable inventions did throughout the history of humanity'

With such a bold viewpoint we put the question to our specialists at Eurostaff: 'How do you see Artificial Intelligence impacting the future of tech?' 

Second up giving her opinion on the topic is our Semiconductor and R&D Specialist Algida Gaidyte, read what she believes the impact will be below:

'It could be suggested that the future of AI leads to machines taking over our world, or soon  they will replace us, in the way that we won’t need to think for ourselves, perhaps machines will be clever enough to do all the jobs for us? One thing we need to remember though is there will always be plenty that humans can do, that robots can not replicate.

To give an example of what AI is these days, it's anything from Siri on your phone, Alexa telling you the weather in every country when you ask it to, through to driverless cars. AI will or already has changed our daily habits and this is developing more as new tech emerges each day. 

There are many discussions is it good or bad? How will we control AI? How will we not lose human connection? How can we regulate robots law? Data storage, where are the limits? No matter what the opinions or thoughts are, AI is now a part of our lives and moving along very fast. We may find ourselves being resistant to the changes and want to stay with 'old fashioned ways' but whether we like it or not, times are changing and it is our choice whether we decide to keep the pace.

I don’t know if it is going to affect our jobs in the future, but what I do think is that tech jobs will increase  – professionals (humans) will need to create AI in different formats, as the demand increases and all tech being interconnected, humans lead the way with all this innovation and the future really lies in our hands!'

Get in touch with Algida today if you are hiring or looking for a new role!

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