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IT & Innovation#EurostaffMeets: Jack Attridge, Director at Flavourworks

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Carley Malena
Posted byCarley Malena

Carley is our Brand & Events Manager. She hosts MeetUps internationally and ensures that our ethos 'We are connecting Europe™' is met.

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Carley Malena, Brand Manager and MeetUp organiser extraordinaire, went and met Jack Attridge from Flavourworks who is building a very impressive game with an announcement due with more details very soon. She sits down with to tell us about what they spoke about:

“I first connected with Jack Attridge when I was searching for engaging speakers to become part of our Eurostaff Experts and MeetUp speakers program. – specifically, to talk at our third event in Stockholm, Sweden. A quick message asking if he would be interested in speaking at our event, accompanied with some info on the past events we had held and Jack replied within hours saying ‘of course’, which was an exciting prospect, considering he had worked with reputable professionals within the gaming industry such as Ian Livingstone and Peter Molyneux, and for companies such as Mind Candy, EA Games and 22 Cans.

Jack’s career journey started off as one where his creative flair and expertise in game designing was quickly recognised and the bigger players in the field took him aboard their gaming ship. He learnt, he flourished, he contributed and his wealth of knowledge grew. For a man like Jack, steering your own boat (boat before ship) was ideal and it was after having created games and being a part of big successes at ‘the ships of gaming’ that he decided to step off, get in his own boat with a small but talented team and sail it towards his own visions he had from a young age and make them a reality.

Bringing us to the present date – Jack now works at his own start-up gaming business in Shoreditch, Flavourworks and after a busy year, he is now looking to expand his team. They work on some highly ground-breaking products for the gaming market and are a company to watch as bigger console players are keeping their eyes peeled on what is produced. There is one game in particular already causing a stir of excitement set to be announced later this year. The office space is filled with ideas where everything that seems credible can be made into a certainty, Jack is open to brainstorming and developing a vision into something we can play on the go.

It was great to sample their latest game in the pipeline and catch up with Jack over a coffee, discussing all things gaming for the future. If I was working in the sector, I would want to work for Flavourworks – it is a company to watch, you will be hearing a lot more about them over the next few years as they scale up in size!“

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