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IT & Innovation#EurostaffMeets Business Manager Iwan Elzinga to find out about his first two months in our new Utrecht office

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Iwan Elzinga
Posted byIwan Elzinga

Iwan Elzinga is an experienced, bi-lingual Business Manager with over 6 years recruitment experience in niche IT technology industries.

Working in our Utrecht office, in The Netherlands, Iwan is building a team of IT & Innovation Specialists to meet the demand of professionals required to work within the tech industry. 

Connect with Iwan here:

Having relocated back to his home town in Utrecht, Iwan Elzinga is driving the growth of our business in the Netherlands. Since moving back from Newcastle in October, Iwan catches up with us to discuss his time in Utrecht; what the future looks like for the IT market and how Eurostaff Netherlands is looking to grow.

How is life in the Netherlands and the new office?

First off, it has been great to be back in The Netherlands! Utrecht is a great city and it has been very exciting to set up the office right in the city centre. I have spoken to many potential hires for our operation here and we have secured our first hires with the help of our hard-working talent acquisition team in London and Berlin, a special mention to Lena SpooMin Balrow and Chloe Robinson who have worked exceptionally hard to ensure we have the right fits for the business. The office is coming along nicely thanks to the efforts of our marketing team, so it is already starting to look like a real Eurostaff home.

What are the types of opportunities currently available in the Netherlands?

The economy is absolutely booming so there are many opportunities available. It would be silly not to follow on the successes of our other mainland offices in London & Germany, so the focus for the first year is very much to start taking our share of the Java & PHP markets and everything that ties in with these technologies. There are many opportunities in the field of data as well, so that's also a market to explore later down the line.

Which type of companies are currently hiring and what are the skills in demand?

There is a healthy mix of service providers and end users that are hiring for IT professionals. I am currently working with a very exciting start-up company that focuses on online medical tests, but I also work with a much larger company that already has over 120 developers working for them. There isn't a specific sector that stands out; Java and PHP specialists are needed all over the country at a very large amount of companies.

How is the recruiting for the office going? Any tips for people wanting a recruitment careers in Utrecht?

Our talent team and myself have been working hard to secure the first hires, which is not the easiest challenge! There are a lot of opportunities in The Netherlands for fresh graduates and people with their first year of work experience, but I am confident that we can start with a team of 4-5 employees by the time we hit January.

I always say that you land into recruitment and then realise it is almost like a lifestyle choice from there on. I would just say that if you feel you have a commercial spark and are serious about sales then just apply and have a chat with our Min or myself. There is a lot more to the niche recruitment business than people might think at the start, so come and see me in our office and find out if this might be the career for you!

What can we look forward to seeing coming out of Eurostaff Netherlands over the next six months?

In the next six months, we will put Eurostaff firmly on the map in The Netherlands. We will see the first few deals coming through and with the new starters coming in January and we will go from strength to strength. It is important that everyone in the market starts to know we are a Dutch businessand understands the added value we offer with regards to their recruitment and business processes.

If you are looking for a career working in tech at Eurostaff, contact our talent team today here. Alternatively, if you are looking for a Java or PHP role, please contact Iwan here.

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