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IT & Innovation#EurostaffExpertsReveal: W.I.T Emma Robson at Warpin' Media - When, Why and How!

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Emma Robson
Posted byEmma Robson

Emma Robson Co Founder at Warpin' Media, is an influential woman working in technology. 

Emma Robson Co Founder at Warpin' Media, is an influential woman working in technology and at present specifically works with Virtual Reality in her tech company with end-to-end capabilities of the immersive opportunities where strategy, consultancy, content creation, tech solutions and distribution is incorporated under the same umbrella.

Emma shares with us her career journey so far and gives us insight into how she has made it to the top of the career ladder leading her own Virtual Reality business and literally flying full steam ahead to ensure its success!

1. What was your first ever job?

It was selling ice cream at a coffee shop!

2. Which job roles and experience did you gain to get to where you are now?

I started as a telephone salesperson, selling Native ads at Media Planet. It was a perfect school for understanding hard work, revenues, cost and how important culture is in a company. Also when I worked as CEO for Modern Women Media, I learnt to take chances, leading people towards new ideas, it was energising to be so influential working in the tech space.

3. What made you choose doing the job role you are in now?

Passion for working in technology, being a successful role model for all those who aspire to do the same or who are working in technology at the moment!

4. How has the industry changed throughout your career?

The VR industry was one year ago viewed upon as 'experimental' but it is quickly gaining ground and legitimacy. Also, in our conversations with clients, they have a much greater understanding of what VR and AR is, and understand the need for action, that indeed makes life easier our end.

5. What excites you about working in the tech space?

The people, the opportunities, the fast moving industries. VR for example has been around a while, but only now people are seeing its true value and potential and Warpin is a part of that. 

6. Which technology businesses/personalities inspire you?

I tend to find different people or businesses inpsiring depending on where I am myself in my career. It is useful to benchmark myself to someone that I feel inspired by.

7. Which technology couldn't you live without?

My smartphone!

8. For someone working in the technology space what advice could you offer to ensure they fulfil a successful career?

Learning from other industries, be open minded and follow your passion always, you will always do your best if you enjoy what you do!

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