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IT & Innovation#EurostaffExpert: CEO at datazuum Samir Sharma - My Second 2018 Data Prediction Revealed... #2

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Samir Sharma
Posted bySamir Sharma

Samir Sharma is the founder of datazuum a data and analytics consultancy.  Helping companies execute effective data strategies, implementing analytics tools, and helping organisations succeed with their data initiatives. datazuum works with companies across the following industries: Retail, Utilities, Financial Services, Telecoms, Oil & Gas, Media, Postal and Government.  Working in the EMEA regions to help their customers: monetise data, acquire more customers, improve customer experience and optimise business processes.  

He frequently shares his knowledge and experience at international conferences, is a keen blogger, and a keynote expert speaker at our Eurostaff Connect London: Big Data and Advanced Analytics MeetUps; contributes to charities as a fundraiser, and is a youth champion for social enterprise Working Knowledge.

Our Eurostaff Expert and CEO at datazuum Samir Sharma gives us his thoughts on data strategy, infrastructure, integration, governance, and culture, which he believes will impact organisations in 2018. Last year was the year of technology but Samir feels that in 2018 the key trends will be more strategic in nature than technical.

Tomorrow Samir will give you his third prediction, so keep an eye out to learn more!

Data Prediction #2: Data integration becomes more efficient

According to Experian, 66% of companies lack a centralised approach to data, with data siloes being one of the most common issues.  Currently, business data from the different silos is sequenced through many different platforms from data lakes to data warehouses, which can be time consuming and expensive to store. Data engineers spend about 60 – 70% of their time prepping and bringing data together through the Extract Transform Load (ETL) process. As the data is being transferred through the different platforms, it can often be prone to errors, and if a job fails it can take hours for data to arrive at its final destination in the data warehouse.  If failures exist in the ETL process, it leads to corrupt data going into analytics applications, which results in end users receiving errors in their dashboards leading to bad decision making.  

What would real-time and error free insights mean for your business?  One trend in 2018 we will see and hear more of is Unified Data Management (UDM), which supports the movement of data between different platforms without the complex ETL processes, and allows users to analyse their data in a range of outputs, such as dashboards or machine learning.  It reduces data latency, dependency on limited storage capacity, enables speed of design and development of analytics products across teams and supports data integrity, security and lineage across the organisation and its platforms.

Day three of Samir's data predictions will look at how culture change is crucial for data projects to succeed!

If you are hiring or looking for a data role, get in touch with our Data Specialists James Rutter or Leah Matkin today!

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