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IT & Innovation#EurostaffExpert: CEO and Founder of iText Bruno Lowagie - 'What Do Developer Professionals Want Most When Job Searching?'

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Bruno Lowagie
Posted byBruno Lowagie

Bruno Lowagie is a Chief Strategy Officer at ThinkFree NV, and Founder at Wil-Low BVB and iText Group NV. Bruno is also founding member of the Eurostaff Experts community.

Eurostaff have been partnered with HackerRank for the past year, joining them in their mission to match every developer to the right job. They help our specialists at Eurostaff to evaluate technical skills better and create opportunities for millions of programmers worldwide. 

HackerRank's 2018 Developer Skills Report came out last week with insights based on 39,441 developers highlighting a lot of interesting data revolved around the wonderful world of Open Source Programming Languages. 

Our community of Eurostaff Experts have given some insight of their own based on the findings. First up, CEO and Founder of iText Bruno Lowagie, answered for us 'What do developer professionals want most when job searching?' His reply was as follows:

'As a developer, I never liked the 9 to 5 mentality. From experience, I know that you can’t fix a bug by staring at your screen for 8 hours. When confronted with a technical problem, I found it much more efficient to jump on my bicycle, be outside for twenty minutes, and then discover that the solution was there all the time once returned to the office.

Solving a problem that can cost a day when you keep sitting at your desk, can often be solved in a matter of minutes if you give yourself some space and time to think. Knowing this, it’s easy to understand that a good work-life balance can increase the quality and efficiency of the work of a developer.

As an employer, you don’t want to see a room full of office drones. People with a good work-life balance are usually more creative and better at problem-solving.'

First-hand responses like this are priceless, as it helps our specialists to ensure that our professionals are landing job roles that suit their working styles which in effect creates better productivity and outcomes for the businesses they are immersed within.

Looking for a role working in Open Source Programming? Get in touch with our specialist Mert Amcaoglu today here.

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