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IT & Innovation#EurostaffersReveal Why I Love My Job: DevOps and Cloud Specialist Valentina Morina

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It's the most romantic day of the year today: Valentine's Day, so we decided to put a spin on it and ask our specialists working at Eurostaff what they love most about their jobs, where they get to work for some of the most innovative and exciting technology brands, placing professionals into roles that they are best suited.

First up is our DevOps and Cloud Specialist Valentina Morina, who specialises in placing professionals into their careers in Switzerland. Read why she enjoys her job and what drives her to have a successful career below:

'I work  as a DevOps and Cloud Specialist and enjoy learning about how DevOps is shaping, scaling and impacting the tech industry. I love the fact that I have been given the opportunity to work with so many unique companies and professionals but most of all talking to new people every day. Every phone call I have, I learn something new and have an impact on someone’s life on a personal level. I am part of a bigger picture where I am involved in finding people their dream job and starting that new and exciting chapter in their lives. My job helps me to network and build new lasting relationships.'

Hear what the professionals say:

'It has been such a great experience to meet Valentina and the team she is working with. She is very communicative, open and a positive person. She will take her time to answer all your questions thoroughly, and to help you in any way she can. She is extremely enthusiastic about her work, which is actually quite infectious. Her approach to work is highly professional, and I have no hesitation to say that she would be excellent  team-member in any company.' Software Developer.

If you are looking for a new role working in DevOps and Cloud in Switzerland, get in touch today with Valentina

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