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IT & InnovationEurostaff Connect Brussels: Why is JavaScript the most commonly used programming language?

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Carley Malena
Posted byCarley Malena

Carley is our Brand & Events Manager. She hosts MeetUps internationally and ensures that our ethos 'We are connecting Europe™' is met.

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Our next MeetUp will be exploring the topic; Why is JavaScript the most commonly used programming language? Based on insight from JavaScript expert developers from Hackages.

Listen in on some engaging, influential keynote speakers, with their thoughts and opinions with technical expertise given. Food, drinks provided, and networking with other professionals working in this space.

Keynote Speaker:

Davy Engone Nze - Managing Director 

Head of Engineering at Hackages:

 'JavaScript; how far has it come over the decade?'

  • This talk will walk you through the evolution of this language from a toy language to a robust one.
  • We'll show the features introduce in the latest version of ECMAScript that make JavaScript one of the most commonly used programming language.
  • We'll also look at the ecosystem around this technology namely TypeScript, Node, React, Angular, Vue. All these JavaScript-based technologies helped create an appealing environment for working with it.

Harold Waterkeyn - Lead Open Source Engineer at Hackages

'JavaScript for front-end apps, an introduction to React.' 

  •  What is React, how does it work? What can we do with it?
  • We hear about it more and more every day, let’s investigate together why that is.In this talk, I’ll provide you with an overview of React and try to get you as excited as I am about this library.

Gregoire Van Der Auwermeulen - Open Source Engineer at Hackages

'JavaScript for full-stack apps, an introduction to GraphlQL and Apollo.'

During this talk, we’ll introduce GraphQL and Apollo.

  • Look at GraphQL specifications on the server side and how to implement it in NodeJS and Apollo.
  • Observe GraphQL specifications on the client side and how to implement it in React and Apollo. 

Make sure you click 'Yes' to save a space as they are limited, RSVP here

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