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IT & InnovationEmbassy: International platform for collaboration and entrepreneurial support community

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Anders Nilsson
Posted byAnders Nilsson

Anders Nilsson, Partner at Embassy, an entrepreneur with a background from media and PaaS services. On the path to change News...

Eurostaff are exclusive partners with Embassy to assist in creating new businesses a success. For further information please email here

Anders Nilsson is a partner at Embassy, a company in place to help support the growth of new start-up business. Anders is an entrepreneur with a background from media and PaaS services who offers a lot of support, guidance and advice to ensure success for innovative ventures.

He lets us into the world of Embassy to ensure we have a proper understanding about what is considered to be the ‘biggest VR hub in Stockholm’…

1. Tell us a little bit about Embassy?

Embassy is an International platform for collaboration and an entrepreneurial support community that helps the growth of new businesses. We started out as co-working space but quickly transitioned into a platform where business and sales support quickly came into our focus.

2. Why are start-up companies in Sweden booming at the moment?

The overall boom is not exclusive to Sweden, (but of course this is the centre of development) it is the infrastructure here; this is the land of opportunities. Where can you easily get a grant for your start-up to build a MVP, hire unemployed with government support and still feel secure enough to take the risk? I believe USA might have been the place to be for this, but it seems Sweden has taken over…

3. Which types of start-ups are you working alongside and which resources do they require to be a success?

Embassy as a concept only start spaces with a hub focus, in our first place in Stockholm we have four verticals as our focus. They are VR, Gaming, Media and PaaS. We created a platform where all companies have a connection but also it becomes easier to share, benchmark and grow together. We have found investors engaging into 2-3 of companies here and that synergy is great. We also feel that with the landscape of multiple co-working spaces there is a need for a place where people alike can feel connected to – hence the hub focus.

4. Many start-ups are jumping on the VR/AR bandwagon in Stockholm – which trends have you noticed?

The Virtual/Augmented/Mixed Reality might feel like a trend but as we see it, this is more of a business area than a trend. VR/AR/MR here is about 20 to 30 companies within gaming, architecture/real-estate, health and so much more. It is still an immature market compared to many other areas but we have an agenda, to support and be a natural meeting point for people alike. That’s why we and our partner VR Square run multiple events every month – this is the future.

5. Which other technology developments interest you and why are they important?

As mentioned above we have Media and PaaS as our focus as well, many of the people here have worked within the media industry for many decades and we see the shift into new areas exploding. It is UGC, it is online video and last but not least the use of Ai and AR; some of the start-ups here is a direct result of synergies and mergers within the network. 

Eurostaff are exclusive partners with Embassy to assist in creating new businesses into a success. For further information please email here

Enabling over 25 start-ups in Stockholm to fulfill their potential.

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