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IT & InnovationEmbassy: Collective knowledge from different fields to grow the Virtual Reality industry.

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Viktor Peterson
Posted byViktor Peterson

Viktor Peterson, Virtual Reality Advisor at Embassy, he also has his own production company Viktor Productions and VR production and consulting company CLVR works.

Eurostaff are exclusive partners with Embassy to assist in creating new businesses a success. For further information please email here


Viktor Peterson, Virtual Reality Advisor at Embassy is a firm believer that technology is all about keeping in the know, inspiration and innovation, which ultimately helps to create tech breakthroughs. He is highly passionate about new technology within the realms of VR, photography and film. He has built experience within many of his own different businesses; Viktor Productions and VR production and consulting company CLVR Works.

 Viktor describes Embassy in greater detail and how his new role allows him to share his expertise to help professionals become successful in what they are passionate about...

1. Tell us a little bit about Embassy, what you do and projects you are developing at present?

Embassy is a great initiative to help the VR industry and VR companies to grow. We use the collective knowledge we have at the business from different fields to grow the industry. The projects I work in often contains a great mix, for example, we are taking classic esport into the virtual world! Other projects can be finding new VR markets for existing brands or to visualize a product in a new immersive way.

 2. Why are start-up companies in Sweden booming at the moment?

There are loads of good reasons for this rather than the one. I think in Sweden we have a great foundation to build on. We have role models and mentors from companies who have already succeeded, we have a good entrepreneurial reputation and the international attention. We also have lots of great co-working spaces, accelerators, incubators and events that help the community and the knowledge to grow collectively.

3. Which types of start-ups are you working alongside and which resources do they require to be a success?

Mainly I work alongside VR start-ups or newly started VR teams in larger organizations. I would say a broad network with a strong and continuous relationship within the market is key for success in most businesses. The VR industry is in constant motion which means it’s important to move fast and keep a keen eye on the horizon. 

4. It has been said that start-ups are jumping on the VR/AR bandwagon in Stockholm – what have you noticed working within the world of VR?

Every month we see lots of new VR initiatives on a broader scale. If we look back over the last few months, the VR initiatives have exploded! Now the business around these initiatives is forming and evolving quickly to accelerate further the creation of new products and experiences for larger markets and needs.

5. Which other technology developments interest you and why?

VR will fit into lots of different applications in the future. As a filmmaker, I personally am very interested in how the movie industry will evolve with the help of 360 video and 3D-game engines into entire new workflows and experiences in the near future.

We welcome back Viktor Peterson at our Eurostaff Connect Stockholm Meetup, Thursday, 1 December at Embassy! He will share what it was like to carry out the world's first ever livestream combining 360 video and in-game VR from one of the largest esport events in the world! Join us:

Eurostaff are exclusive partners with Embassy to assist in creating new businesses a success.

For further information please email here

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