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IT & InnovationData Scientists Driving Business Performance

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Sarah Bugden & Megan Kuhn
Posted bySarah Bugden & Megan Kuhn

Sarah and Megan are part of our UK team working in the Data and Devops space!

If you are a data professional or just totally in awe of all things data related and how this can create successful business performance, Eurostaff hosted its own intimate event in our offices this to promote how the role of professionals working in this industry adds true value to the performance of businesses.

In such a fast paced technological era, where data in its volume, velocity and variety needs to be analysed in order to understand consumer behaviour and to remain at the top in a highly competitive market, individuals who can do this quickly and with insight are highly valued by businesses who are looking to grow. Our Recruitment Specialists, Megan and Sarah give an insight into the role of the modern Data Scientist:

What does a Data Scientist do?

M: : ‘Data Scientists’ have become a very popular position in the world of big data and analytics.  Businesses are starting to realise that the size of the data being generated on a daily basis, needs to be utilised to stay at the forefront of their industries. A Data Scientist looks at data, assesses the information that is collected by different digital processes (and wow, there are so many now) and collates the most useful - using specific computer based tools.  The results of this data mining exercise are then used to make decisions on future strategies to drive the business forward.

S: Volume, velocity variety and veracity as we all know are the 4 Vs that make up ‘Big Data’. A Data Scientist ensures that popular trends are picked up on. It is the Data Scientist’s role to dig into the technological information that we as consumers are providing on a daily basis. Just take a moment to think about how much data you provide in the time it takes you to get to work: you wake up and check your emails, reply to a few, check Facebook/LinkedIn and like a few statuses,  on the train you check an online clothing company, type in keywords that you are searching for, check the news and type in again specific words that may be of interest. You as a single entity have already provided an array of information that a Data Scientist would want to assess, a Data Scientist in retail would be looking at your keyword search, your shopping basket, the trends that have arisen and can send you automated emails to encourage you to buy the products and even suggest similar options!

What are the business requirements to have a Data Scientist?

M: A Data Scientist has to live and breathe the company they are working for as business intelligence will set a good data scientist apart from a magnificent one. They need to have a solid foundation, typically in: computer science and applications, modelling, statistics, analytics and math. Data Science represents a wide range of backgrounds, skill sets, tools and practices and you simply cannot pigeon-hole the role of a Data Scientist.

S: In summary, a Data Scientist, explores, analyses, questions and most importantly of all creates communication that management understands and utilises to structure their business practice around to ensure successful company performance.

Which tools should a Data Scientist be using to ensure that information is being managed properly?

M:  There are an array of tools that can be used, some of the most popular include: R Studio, R and/or SAS languages, Hive/Shark/Redshift, Machine Learning, SQL databases and database querying languages (MySQL) Python (most common), C/C++ Java, Perl, Big data platforms like Hadoop, Hive & Pig. 

How could the data you generate, be managed and successfully be used to ensure successful business communication both internally and externally?

M: The data is there to add business value. Marketing strategies can be put into place that target your audience more specifically, with fact-based information. You start to really understand your target groups and can segment them accordingly, making your communication with your customer base a lot more relevant and timely.  This in turn will result into more conversions and higher profits within the company.

S: The final step is to  leverage your business by synthesizing information quickly, making business decisions using the data that put you ahead of the game!

Contact Megan or Sarah on LinkedIn today for further information surrounding Data Scientists.

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