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IT & InnovationConnecting professionals to tech roles in France!

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Anas Tayach
Posted byAnas Tayach

Anas is an IT & Innovation Specialist for the French technology market.
Connect with him on LinkedIn:

Laurent Joyeux

Software Engineer at Groupe Mutuel

I have being working with Anas since 2015. Anas' approach is first on human basis rather than on a simple commercial engineer who does not know the person that he will present to the final client. Anas is able to understand the clients needs and answers in the best way by proposing to the client the best match in his freelancer contacts. 

I have been glad to work with him, and I will gladly work with Anas in the future. I recommend him unconditionally.

Four years ago, Anas Tayach joined our London HQ, eager to make a difference to those professionals looking for work in technology roles based in France. Having lived in France most of his life and graduating in Toulouse, he knows the culture inside out and the expectations of the natives living there, making his job easier to accommodate those changing careers or just starting their journey.

Anas has so far had a lot of success at the business, placing many differing levels of seniority into programming language occupations. Anas has now built up a dynamic team of IT & Innovation Specialists at Eurostaff that he manages; Martin Boitel, Yann Louis-Jean, Neepson Vilsaint.

The roles that the team cover are as follows:

  • Java architects
  • Senior Java Microservice developer
  • React JS Developer
  • Front-end Developer
  • Symfony Developer
  • PHP Architect
  • PHP Project Manager
  • Linux Engineer

The team concentrate on jobs related to web and mobile (Java/PHP/ JavaScript) and are developing out their infrastructure sectors: system/security/network. They mainly recruit in Paris and surrounding areas, but have a few clients in Province and expanding everyday into towns and cities such as Bordeaux, Lille, Nice, Nantes, the list is endless when opportunities are everywhere!

If you are looking for a new role working in France contact Anas here

I had the great opportunity to work with Anas. He is an interesting person, very professional and effective. Dynamic, flexible and frank to his collaborators.

I am pretty new to the freelance field, he took the time to explain to me everything and did also give me a lot of tips which someone in his position doesn't need to do.

If I get another opportunity to work with him, I will agree for sure!

Freelance Fullstack Developer 

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