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IT & InnovationConnecting Open Source Professionals, Providing Opportunity

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Mert Amcaoglu
Posted byMert Amcaoglu

Mert specialises in Belgium, working with Open Source language professionals. Connect on LinkedIn today:

Wednesday, 5 October saw our first Eurostaff Connect Meetup in Gent, a wonderful city full of charm, a compact city with a cosy, car-free historic centre and many bicycles! Alexander Hernandez,  Zaynah Onye and myself are connected to numerous professionals specializing in tech, living and working in this city; known for its high-performing startup ecosystem.

Our Meetup was centered on Open Source Programming languages, with the intention of opening up many opportunities for our guests with varied types of programming explored. We were privileged to be joined by four keynote industry speakers who explored diverse topics to do with this market.

First up was Dries Vints, Lead Developer at BeatSwitch with his presentation on ‘The Why of Test-Driven Development’; looking at case studies of how TDD could have helped businesses deliver higher quality software. Our audience took photos of slides, notebooks at the ready to jot down how not to make the same mistakes in the organizations they are working.

After Dries had finished, we were privileged to have Bruno Lowagie up next - Chief Strategy Officer for ThinkFree NV, with his recognized JavaOne award-winning insight combined into his presentation on how large Open Source projects be monetized. We learnt that James Gosling, THE writer of Java commended Bruno on his publication ‘Creating and Manipulating PDF’ – impressive and we certainly will be downloading his content to learn as much as we can!

It was then off for food, drinks and networking to further discuss any questions relating to the topics and it was back in to the room to listen to Kenneth Henderick, Co-founder at OpenMotics discussed how to build a professional, Open Source, automation platform. Kenneth showed to the audience how full stack has created a home automation platform; a very efficient hardware design keeping operational costs to the bare minimum. Additionally they have integrated a revolutionary and highly detailed power measurement option that allows you to easily pinpoint power-hungry appliances and will help reduce your monthly electricity bill, something all of us home owners want to ensure. Open Motics: a business reliant upon programming to be successful.

The night was concluded with Freek Van der Herten - Developer & Co Owner at SPATIE with his discussion on "The story behind our Open Source efforts." Freek explored Laravel the PHP framework for web skilled professionals. A perfect close to the evening as endless opportunity seemed to be the concluding thought…

Eurostaff is dedicated to providing innovative solutions by a team of technology specialists who partner with tech brands and influential professionals to ensure that individuals are placed in the most appropriate job role that matches their specifications. Looking for a job in IT & Innovation? Please feel free to contact Mert & Alex.

We look forward to hosting our next Eurostaff Connect Meetup back in Belgium soon, so watch that space and if you have not already; please join our Meetup forum to ensure you do not miss out on any updates:

If you have a topic related to Open Source you would like to learn more about please drop us an email here, it is important to us that our guests get as much out of the evening as possible, therefore it is always great to hear from you with your visions expressed.  

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