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IT & InnovationCloud Practice Specialist Anika Bakrania: Helping unicorns fly into success with best matched professionals in the Nordics

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Anika Bakrania
Posted byAnika Bakrania

 Anika, our Head of Senior Appointments, works all over the Nordics and has been working closely with two pre-IPO unicorn leaders in Cloud technology.

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‘Having worked with a number of recruiters over the years, there are a handful who stand out, Anika is one of them.Her personality is vibrant, she’s engaging, intelligent, and most importantly she asks meaningful questions in order to understand our business. She’s always positive and amicable, even when she’s pushing for an answer, I never felt pressured, as she does it with style, humour and grace.

 Anika makes my role easier as when she says that she has a “rocket”, I know that I can trust that they will be a great fit for our organisation, therefore, she’s an extension of our team. I would highly recommend Anika and intend to maintain in contact with her for any hard to fill roles in Sweden and beyond wherever possible.’ Global Head of HR for Insight



If you work in tech, the chances are you would have heard the word ‘unicorn’ being thrown about quite a bit over the past few years. It was in 2013 when cowboy ventures Aileen Lee first used the word ‘unicorn’ within the business world (Techcrunch).

We are not talking the type of unicorn from fairy-tales that connotes wings, horse and magical creatures, we are speaking of the start-up unicorns that from an investment point of view, are assessed at a valuation of $1 billion or more. Anika, our Cloud Practice Specialist, working all over the Nordics focusing on senior appointments has been working closely with two pre-IPO unicorn leaders in Cloud technology.

Anika sources across director, enterprise sales & pre-sales positions for cutting edge vendors, unicorns & solution providers that turn over billions every year - working with an elite talent network in the Nordics; below she explains to us in more detail the emergence and demand of these roles and the impact they are having.

Which global solution providers have you recently helped source talent for?

We are finding a huge demand for professionals following the shift from product oriented to solution and service focused sales. Companies are looking to hire in Directors/Leaders to build new divisions across the full realm of Cloud services from modern workplace to Azure to managed cloud platforms. We have recently done this for Microsoft’s #1 global partner; Gartner’s leader for managed cloud solutions; and a global vendor focusing on security as a service! Please contact Anika directly for references if you are interested to hear more! 

Why are Pre-Sales, SEs & Sales Executives roles becoming the highest priority for the Nordic countries?

With so much competition, and much market share to gain in the Nordics region, huge emphasis is being put on training internal teams to adopt a ‘journey based’ approach to suit the subscription based models of cloud services. The best tech sales professionals in the market come from a broad background spanning infrastructure & workplace, full data centre transformations or software with operations. These are traditionally product focused but are now broad areas allowing sales teams to have an overview of an organisation when engaging in initial sales conversations or building ‘Proof of Concepts’.

In larger scale businesses where there may be less internal motivation to shift the selling style in certain divisions, re-structuring occurs which results in redundancies and big pushes on hiring the next generation of sales professionals to get their service portfolio into the market!

What excites you about working in the Nordics?

Growth! There are no key players in domination of any cloud services yet (up for debate I am sure). There are a lot of ideas for innovation, lots of cash in the bank and most importantly highly talented technical and sales experts to make it happen.

Which tech related positions are you seeing more demand to fill and why?

AWS, AWS, AWS – for my large scale SP clients its Azure all day, every day. For everyone else the emphasis is moving rapidly to Azure whether EC2, S3 or tools for IoT.  We are seeing huge demand for Architects, Cloud Ops & Team leaders for rapidly expanding engineering divisions.

 If you are looking for a job working in Cloud Infrastructure in the Nordics – get in touch with Anika today,

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