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IT & InnovationChatbotting it!

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Viktor Peterson
Posted byViktor Peterson

Viktor Peterson, Virtual Reality Advisor at Embassy, he also has his own production company Viktor Productions and VR production and consulting company CLVR works.

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You probably ‘chatbot’ everyday without even realising it. The service has been around for a while, but only now are we grasping its impact. Businesses and consumers are heavily immersed in this technology, some without even comprehending that they are part of a huge revolutionary movement. AI and chatbots can really change the whole dynamics for businesses and consumer experience, with start-ups implementing the bots into their processes from the word go.

But, what is a chatbot and why should investors be taking note to make your bot app the standout one of the 2017?

Human interaction with technology has become such a talking point. Virtual and augmented reality is a prime example of successful human interaction combined with high specification technology that immerses the individual into another ‘world’.

Bots are the apps that allow us to chat with one another on our computer or mobile, it is a simple user experience, that is quick, easy and accessible. Still unsure if you have used a chatbot before? Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Telegram, Slack are popular examples chatbot service providers as well as businesses having the chat feature embedded to their website for any questions raised about an order, product or service.

Chatbots combined with machine learning allow a stack of data to be generated from conversations made now and in the past – therefore, marketing can be tailored to the individual in relation to what it is they are searching for, or which companies they are purchasing from. Privacy features  are highly important and should always be considered as part of the design process, as data leaks will only threaten a brands identity that is linked to the embedded instant messenger.

Our Eurostaff Expert Viktor Peterson, CEO at CLVR Works gives his views on Chatbots, how they look now and in the future:

I find it fascinating to contemplate what the next generation chatbots will achieve, connecting AI to big data and getting a response. A great example of this is ‘Alpha Go’ ( which revolutionized an ancient game by learning that the basics are not being limited by human preconceived ideas of what is the best move, but rather an artificial intelligent system did.

I think all of us will have a personal "Jarvis" (if you like Ironman) taking care of our day to day planning. Jarvis will also help to optimize and prioritize the right things to focus on. I think the buzz from all social medias is strangling creativity, creating stress and taking focus from the things we as human beings really enjoy. Jarvis packed with the big data we produce everyday will know better who we are than ourselves (this is already happening with Google AND Facebook). Jarvis will bring forth the meaningful things in life and create time for you to actually do it. 

If you take this to a more dystonic future, we will have a "Skynet" (if you like Terminator) or just a new generation surveillance system which will sooner or later be hacked by someone... 

All in all, I think the technology is unstoppable and I do think it will be mostly for good. But at the same time, I have a gut feeling it will also bring ruin to our civilization at some distant point in the future. Much like Elon Musk I think AI will be the death of us all.

We live in fascinating times, that is for sure!”

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