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IT & InnovationAre Interviews broken? Technology experts Senseon think they've found a better alternative...

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Leah Matkin
Posted byLeah Matkin

Leah Matkin has worked the UK analytics market for over ten years and is our Business Development Director! Get in touch here:

The challenge of finding people with the required unique skills and resources at an affordable budget is probably the most complex and crucial problem businesses face. For start-ups, it’s critical. Senseon, the cyber software development company believes it has got its process cracked and it’s paying dividends.

In our three-part exclusive looking at the recruitment process at Senseon, we catch up with Eurostaff’s Director, Leah Matkin as well as the Palo Alto based technology business, HackerRank.

We think there are some companies, big and small, who can learn a lot from the hiring processes at Senseon.


Recruitment processes should represent a brand and the visions and values held by the company. An interview that actively reflects a company’s culture and mission will help further engage applicants and determine whether or not they’re a good cultural fit. This means that job applicants are far more engaged and helps them determine proactively if they are a cultural fit to the organisation.

With machine learning and AI taking many headlines, especially in recruitment, Senseon has somewhat expectantly become a tech company, focussed on a more ‘human’ recruitment process.

Eurostaff consultant, Leah Matkin, has been working with Senseon for several months now and has noticed that their unique hiring process is helping motivate all candidates, even those who are unsuccessful. She credits this to the honest and authentic approach they take.

Will Maundy-Taylor, COO at Senseon, commented on why taking a different approach to recruitment has worked so well for them: 

“We search for passion, we search for curiosity and we can’t do that in a formal way.  Why is it that as soon as we enter a ‘work’ environment we change how we are; we lose the authenticity that sets the foundations for building real rapport with others? From the first call invite, to the first slide deck on the company, to the WhatsApp message thanking people for their time or checking their confidence is OK when they’re home. It’s real and its unbeatable.”

Senseon’s process may look like any other, but the team are looking for qualities that can’t be found in a ‘traditional’ process such as team interaction, listening skills and humility.  After an initial call, Senseon have a ten minute teach in before holding a couple of quick-fire problem-solving tasks before a final team-based conversation.  David Atkinson, CEO at Senseon Tech says "this approach provides a genuine snapshot in time of how the office environment will be if they join’’.

Technically validating potential hires is also important to Senseon, not just to check that they have the skills to do the job but also it provides a market comparison and HackerRank are delighted that Eurostaff are using the platform to source professionals for the business: “HackerRank is a technical hiring platform that helps businesses evaluate software developers based on skill. Over 1000 companies worldwide rely on HackerRank’s automated skills assessments  to efficiently evaluate tech talent from around the world.” Deepak Janardhanak, Solution Engineer

With this process, Senseon are not investing more than two hours into any candidate and so far, successful applicants have signed all contracts within three weeks of first contact.

Senseon are making waves in the cyber world and it’s not a surprise as its hiring process is standing it apart.

Looking for a role working in cyber security or tech related? Drop Leah Matkin an email today here.

Up Next: How Senseon built a team around authenticity. 

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