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IT & InnovationAll you need to know about the role of PHP Specialist

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James Rutter
Posted byJames Rutter

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PHP Specialists are high in demand. Websites and online applications are everywhere we look. If there is something we need or browsing for, then the World Wide Web has the answers at the touch of a button and PHP is the server side scripting language that enables this to be possible, in a secure and trusted online environment. 

James Rutter is our IT & Innovation Specialist for our UK business and discusses why PHP Specialists are so highly sought after and what it takes to be one. 

How much on average do PHP Specialists earn? 

Contract PHP developers can earn anything between £300-£550 per day. It depends on the scope of the job in hand and what the business is requiring the developer to deliver. 

What technology experience do PHP Specialists commonly have? 

It depends on the projects, the technologies can differ a little, but there are some things to really consider: 

  • PHP works with a relational database such as MySQL or non-relational such as MongoDB 
  • PHP  can involve front-end technologies, if it is not a purely back-end role. The classic full stack – JavaScript, HTML, CSS + / - other JavaScript frameworks can be applicable
  • There are several PHP frameworks frequently used: Symfony, CodeIgnater, YY, Zend etc.                                                                                      Therefore, it is good to have experience working across a broad range of programming frameworks that will help to develop the clients’ expectations. 

How much experience is required to be a PHP Specialist? 

It is the same for any programmer, more than 4-5 years’ experience makes you ‘experienced’. Depending on the projects you have worked on will also determine your value in a highly competitive market – if you’ve created some simple websites, it is not enough. The more complex projects shows you have a full grasp and understanding, of the language and helps you with future opportunities.

Ultimately though it depends on the needs of the client... Does the client have basic needs or complex projects to develop? You should be able to help with both. 

Which roles can I transition from? 

A Junior PHP Developer usually begins with developing small websites/applications Rarely will you make the transition from another programming language to PHP, as built up experience and knowledge is the thing that really shows how good a PHP Specialist is! Of course, if you know more programming languages it won’t do you any harm! 

Which sectors and industries need PHP experts? 

Most PHP Developers are working on e-commerce platforms, such as building websites for the retail industry. That being said, PHP is not industry specific so it does not matter so much because the technologies are the same no matter what.

Why does the PHP role exist? 

In the most common situations, PHP Specialists create websites, such as Wikipedia and Facebook; E-commerce platforms for companies such as ASOS. Whether it be on our smart phones, laptops, or iPads- websites are at our fingertips and businesses seek to create easy to use platforms to encourage the visitor to want to visit the site again and again. 

Looking for a PHP role then contact James here.

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