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IT & InnovationAll you need to know about a Mobile App Developer role

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Matias Kauppinen
Posted byMatias Kauppinen

Matias focuses on working with Senior Developers, Architects and Management roles in Finland and Sweden. Concentrating on job placements for IT professionals; specifically Open Source: Frontend, JavaScript, AgularJS, ReactJS, Backend, NodeJS, Java, Scala, PHP as well as Mobile, Android and iOS.

Matias has built up an extensive network of talented experts working within software development, ensuring the client has the most suitable match when they are hiring for a new position. 

'I really appreciated the help from Matias to land my current position. During a pretty long recruitment process, he handled the whole thing really professionally and helped to get answers to open questions and make things clearer for all parties.'  Seamus Moloney, Principal Data Architect at F-Secure

Connect with him on LinkedIn:

With Apple’s app store containing over 2 million apps, businesses around the globe need to ensure they have responsive apps that their customer base can use on the go. This means that those who can show a proficiency in app development will have the chance to work on exciting projects as more businesses take the plunge to mobile.

We sat down with our dedicated IT & Innovation Specialist, Matias Kauppinen, to discover what is needed in order to thrive within the industry.

How much do Mobile App Developers earn?

While the actual figures will be affected by a range of variables including seniority, experience and the size of the business, the average wage throughout the UK currently sits at around £27,000. Mobile App Developers are highly sought after throughout a variety of industries with each one having to offer competitive salaries.

Alongside this, there is also a lot of potential for freelance mobile app developers to thrive. Throughout Europe there is the potential for those taken on various projects to earn between €60 - €100 an hour, although this entirely depends on quality and the platforms they work on. (payscale, 2017)

What qualifications will you need?

For those looking to start a career in mobile app development, employers typically look for candidates with a relevant degree such as computer science, software development or mobile application development. While education is still important in more senior roles, there is a greater focus on work history and the skills developed through these previous jobs.

Alongside this employers will be keen to know of any previous professional or personal projects any candidates have worked on. Often, when recruiting for Mobile App Developers, companies will be interested in those who have prior experience releasing apps onto Apple or Play stores, regardless of whether or not the app was a success.

“It’s often beneficial if a developer has previously launched an app on a variety of stores across the devices. There’s also the server and client side of the apps and if a client can demonstrate that they have worked on front and backend user interfaces and experiences shows a much needed understanding of the industry works.”

How much experience is required for Mobile App Developers?

The amount of experience required varies across Europe, in the UK a degree is an essential requirement whereas in countries such as Finland, experience is found to be much more valuable.

Throughout Europe, there is some consistency with the minimum amount of experience needed for mid-level to senior positions requiring from 3 to 7 years of industry work.

Do I need any specific skills and attributes?

While no two jobs are the same, there are common desirable skills that appear frequently on job specifications include:

  • Experience of releasing apps into Apple and Android stores

  • A proficiency within software development

  • A knowledge of the full client and server development cycle

  • The ability to use at least one coding language and the willingness to potentially learn more if the situation arises.

“In terms of attributes, every company looks for someone who will utilise the businesses process, share their passions and fit the company culture will be have a strong chance of getting the role”

What roles can transition to Mobile App Development?

While mobile development offers new and exciting challenges for developers, those who have never worked in the industry before may initially struggle to adapt to the new tasks. However, Android apps largely work with Java coding, so those who have experience as a Java Developer could find themselves presented with a path into the exciting and thriving world of Mobile App Development.

Which sectors and industries need Mobile App Developers?

With every industry from retail to gaming, developing, releasing and then updating apps frequently, there is a consistently growing need for talented Mobile Developers.

“A growing skills gap in development skills also means that companies are becoming increasingly open to welcoming junior Mobile App Developers who can then be trained further.”

Why does this position exist?

With an estimated 80% of the adult population expected to own a smartphone by 2020, the need for mobile apps is already becoming a necessity for those wanting to compete. Mobile App Developers will get to expand their coding skillsets as they create, optimise and maintain new and exciting apps.

If you’re interested in starting a career as a Mobile App Developer, or you’re looking for your next challenge, we have opportunities at every level throughout Europe. Drop off your CV today to and let Eurostaff find the next step on your career path.

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