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IT & InnovationAll you need to know about a Java Specialist working in France

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Anas Tayach
Posted byAnas Tayach

Anas is an IT & Innovation Specialist for the French technology market.
Connect with him on LinkedIn:

Laurent Joyeux

Software Engineer at Groupe Mutuel

I have being working with Anas since 2015. Anas' approach is first on human basis rather than on a simple commercial engineer who does not know the person that he will present to the final client. Anas is able to understand the clients needs and answers in the best way by proposing to the client the best match in his freelancer contacts. 

I have been glad to work with him, and I will gladly work with Anas in the future. I recommend him unconditionally.

Anas Tayach concentrates on placing professionals across France into Java related positions. The demand for Java developers has been described as at an all-time high, this is because it is used across many industries and devices and it is the language used to build Android apps which are heavily used all over the world. (Medium, 2017)

Anas, explains in more detail what he looks for when putting professionals forward to interview for differing tech roles relating to java and what their career will offer to them.  

How much on average do Java Specialists earn?

This all depends on the level of expertise. A perm senior hire would average between 55,000-65,000 euros and a contract senior hire would average 500 euros a day. There is a lot to strive for working in Java.

What qualifications will I need?

Ideally a BA/MA from University studying engineering of any type, but those qualifications linked to mathematics tend to do rank highly well assessing Java applicants. I often place many professionals that have a software engineering background stated on their CV.

How much experience is required to be a Java Specialist?

Your employability and demand increases with experience. 5-6 years of experience always looks great on your CV and shows that you have a solid understanding of the programme. Anything below five years will be looked at as a junior level role.

Do I need specific skills and attributes?

You must always be willing to stay up-to-date with the technology market, read articles every day, which new skills are being used and why. You must be 150% invested in your career and knowledge. Some businesses are seeking those professionals of whom are seen to be team players to get the work done and others prefer the sole contributor who works happily alone to get things finished.

Which routes can I take?

There are two paths: Junior Java Specialist learning as much as you can. Building upon experience you can take free-lance roles but eventually it could be that you decide that you want to go back to a permanent position.

The second route is to simply begin off in a perm role and then see which opportunities emerge over time, the money is not as good but you are provided with job security, and you can move on as a few years pass to a new company to further develop your skillset!

If you are looking for a role in France working Java or hiring, get in touch with Anas today!

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