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IT & Innovation #EurostaffMeets - Adam Taylor, Programmatic Industry Manager at Google.

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Adam Taylor - Programmatic Industry Manager at Google
Posted byAdam Taylor - Programmatic Industry Manager at Google

Digital Marketing professional with a strong passion for technology and innovation. Interested in the way programmatic technology is beginning to change the way media is bought across channels and the clever ways in which data is being used to inform strategic business decisions.

Adam Taylor works for Google as Programmatic Industry Manager. Google’s London HQ is filled with ‘hot desks’ rather than designated computers; there are sleep pods situated in random parts of the building for those looking for some downtime; an in-built 24-hour gym; drawers filled full of different sweets and treats; restaurants cooking up amazing food and fridges of drinks dotted all around the premises.

Adam speaks to and lets us in on how he got to work for one of the biggest companies in the world and the steps he took to get there.

1. What was your first job?

My first job after university was working as a Recruitment Consultant in the Oil and Gas industry; the role was extremely demanding but the experience armed me with certain qualities and skills that many employers seek such as: polite telephone manner, dealing with clients, contracts and fulfilling a job specification. It was rewarding in many ways and I’m glad I gained that experience as it has helped in my career since.

2. How did you get to where you are now?

I realised early on into my time in the recruitment role that I needed to switch to an industry more aligned with what I studied at University which was digital advertising related and ultimately, my passion/interest. I was unaware of the best way to get into the media sector, so spent some time researching the industry in more detail.

I was then made more aware of the role media agencies play in the overall strategy and execution of many advertising campaigns. I contacted several agencies with my CV and eventually landed an interview with Mindshare, part of WPP. I worked as a Digital Account Executive and aligned myself to programmatic advertising, an area I could see was expanding in importance. From there, I moved to a niche start-up, to immerse myself in the technology, before returning to the agency world and joining iProspect as a Programmatic Director. There I ran a team of eight people and led a multinational advertisers’ programmatic strategy, before joining Google in September 2016. I believe immersing myself in technology and constantly challenging myself to do more when I felt I was stagnating, was the driving force behind me moving into the role at Google.

3. What advice could you give to those working in tech to ensure a successful career?

Immerse yourself in the technology that you are working for. Understand it, see the bigger picture and try and think logically about the up and downsides of its application. Once you have that understanding and context, you can apply business acumen to propel yourself through the industry. Confidence in you as a person comes from people having confidence that you know your subject area so I'd say that is one factor that is vitally important to ensure you are successful.

4. Which tips would you give someone wanting to work at Google?

Know why you want to work here. In the job hunt process, don't just think about what you can give to that job, think what that job can give to you. If you have a longer-term plan, try to see how the role you're looking at will fit into this and help you achieve certain milestones. Aside from that, don't always talk shop. People hire people they like and can relate to. You need to show you're a rounded character and have multiple interests in and out of work that make you stand out as a person.

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